Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Black Friday and Weekend

So Late Thanksgiving night, my dad, his wife and Jamie came over and stayed for the weekend! I was so excited to have them over! Friday morning we all got up, more like Noah jumped on everyone lol and had breakfast. David ran over to his mom's house to pick up some fresh eggs and we made pancakes, eggs and bacon for breakfast.

After breakfast we all got ready and decided to go walk the outlets (we live super clothes to a shopping center/mall) so we walked over and man it was a nut house! Jaime wanted to find a good jacket that would keep her warm and looking stylish for school in Sacramento. We had so much fun just hanging out and walking!

Love my sissy!

 Having fun snapchatting while waiting for food at Johnny Rockets. ha Noah
Than we decided to make a funny face along with Noah and of course he was smiling nicely. lol

We came back home, hung out, my dad fell asleep so we decided to watch a movie, Chappie, and than I had to feed Levi, and I ended up falling asleep until like after nine ha.

Still playing on Snap chat lol

Saturday the girls(and Levi) went to look for yard sales, no luck. And my dad Noah and David stayed home. My dad took Noah out for a walk, used his tricycle and even went to the park! How fun!

 Noah is apparently quite the photographer! He took my dad's phone and snapped some pics! He's good!

 I guess he was having a good time until he told my dad "I miss my mama" awwww he loves me!

We came home to homeade Lasgna by my dad! Yum! I had to take a picture because the food and plate matched so well with my shirt lol

They left after lunch since Jamie had to leave early Sunday to go back to Sacramento. We had such a good time!

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