Monday, October 24, 2016

Baby Number 3 is a....

Baby Number 3 Is a BOY!
Another Boy! Can you believe it?! I know I can't! I along with all of my family members really thought this might have been a girl this time! Those boy genes run strong!
One is for sure, I'm crazy about the boys I have now, so adding one more to the mix has me excited! I love my boys!
I can't wait to see what this little man looks like and acts like. So far we have a genius (yep I am being bias , you would too!) we have a comedian... so maybe this child will be our shy quiet guy? hahaha in my dreams right?!

We have a few ideas for names, but are still a little unsure. Check out the legs and perfect little nose on this baby! Ah I love him so much!
Noah keeps asking "mom, are you squeezing the baby out today?" . I love it. This journey is so incredibly different than my other three pregnancies. I am exhausted. My bones ache. I feel sick to my stomach everyday at least twice a day. It's shocking how different every pregnancy can be from the last.
With Noah I had a lot more energy. And than I got pregnant with the twins, and I couldn't leave the house without having to use a restroom within minutes. Than being pregnant with Levi, I was tired from being pregnant but also for chasing my two year old around. Now put a 3 year old and a very head strong clingy one year old into the mix.... It's freaking exhausting. I may be a stay at home mom , but I am working just as hard running around and dealing with these babies. I'm learning to really ask David for help this time around and let him take over when he gets home. Since I don't nurse anymore ( as of a month and a half ago ) David gets up at night now to get Levi a bottle. That helps so so much!
I'm excited, nervous, and anxious to see how life with three 4 and under will be. I'm only 26 and I have three boys! Crazy!

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