Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Our Trip to Texas! (Photo dump)

So basically, I have a ton of photos to share. The trip to Texas was awesome! The drive there and back was heavy but well worth it. I'm so glad my husband and my sons were able to meet my grandfather , who is 90 years old ! It was an amazing week with my family and we really enjoyed it. We did a lot of sight seeing in Texas. We stayed in Grand Prairie which is near Dallas, at my aunt's house. We saw Dallas, Greenville, Fortworth and Waco. Although my grandpa wasn't really down to go out a whole bunch (who can blame him?!), David, Jamie and I made it a point to see the surrounding cities. In Waco we visited the famous Magnolia Market at the Silos and also went into The Findery.
In Fortworth we went to the Stockyards but missed the parade of Longhorns. =(
In Dallas we saw the 4 story Galleria Mall, the Murals in Deep Ellum, also ate pie and drank coffee eat Emporium pies! So good!
And in Greenville we visited my uncle's abandoned house and "ranch" with two cows. It was actually pretty cool!

Of course spending time with my family and getting to talk and drink lots of coffee was extremely special as well. Okay, so let me share the photos before I make this super boring!

Noah playing with his cousin Jacob. In all reality, they fought a lot , but to be fair, they did play a lot too. =)

My Dad with Levi

This is my Abuelito. He's a sweetheart. 

Levi and his Great Grandfather.

I LOVE this picture of my Daddy and my Grandpa just catching up. 


My Stepmom and Aunt Barbecuing late at night 

Silly dad

So there's just a bit of our trip to Texas! Next post I'll share our outing in Dallas seeing the Murals!

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