Wednesday, January 4, 2017

New Years

My Sweet New Years Kiss =)

It's gone you guys. 2016 has come and gone! We had a good year this past year and said goodbye with some fun times! 
New Years Eve my mom took my brother and I out for lunch and treated us to Olive Garden. It was so so good. There's no such thing as too much pasta for me when I'm expecting. I ALWAYS crave it! 
It was nice, just the three of us catching up and enjoying time together. I don't remember the last time this happened, honestly, but it was a good good time. 

I got the Chicken Scampi, so good! Look at those pretty colors!

We all had left overs and joked about how it was perfect to feed my "vultures " at home! hahaha They really are! If you're around my boys often , you are aware that you open ANY sort of food wrapper, pop any food in your mouth or even think about food, and they come running to you asking you for some! I promise I feed them, they just really enjoy their food.

After hanging out with my mom and brother, I went home and got the boys ready. Later that night we went over to our friends house to ring in the New Year! They got pizza for everyone, we watched some TV and played a board game! We had a great time! Didn't quite make it until midnight because all the kids were so tired and fussy so we decided to head on home at 11:30 pm.

On the way home, the clock struck midnight and the second it did my Dad called me to wish me a happy new year! He never disappoints with being first to tell me =) I love it!
And than the cutest thing ever happened, David pulled the car to the side of the road ( I knew what was coming next so I pulled my phone out for a pic) and kissed me! Seriously babe, good job! It was perfect. (Pictured at the top of the page)

New Years Day

We all woke up pretty late on New Years Day, but still wanted to keep the fun going. So we packed a couple snacks, got their cups and took of to the zoo for the day. Our friends Suzie and Jessie met with us there. It was a lot of fun! David's mom and Stepdad had gotten us membership passes for a year since last May, and I'd say we've really enjoyed having them! Big Thank You to them for gifting us that!

The Boys fed the Giraffes for the first time! So fun!

Our First Family picture of 2017! Mommy(26) Daddy(27), Noah (3), Levi(1) and baby due in March. Oh and Mr. Giraffe.

It was the perfect New Years celebration!

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