Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Day in the Life..

So last night before falling asleep, I watched a vlogger on youtube talk about how she disciplines her toddlers. It all boils down to understanding their love language and how to feed them that need. Sometimes kids act out because they need attention or to be shown love in the way they understand it. I went to sleep super motivated and ready to go for the next day with trying hard to be attentive to my 4 year old and his needs.
This morning we woke up at 7, got ready and went to a grocery store to get eggs. With all three kids, yes it's a lot of work but we did it and both older boys behaved. We came home, we enjoyed a dinosaur show all together and I fed baby after breakfast. Than, while Levi kept watching tv, I sat down with Noah to practice writing. He gets very frustrated when it comes to learning how to do something , so I kept my cool and talked to him and asked  him what he needed. He didn't want to do that than and there. So we moved on. We cleaned a bit, he helped without me having to ask and that was great!
Than we let Levi take his 2 hour nap and baby too.

Afterwards, I made them lunch, we all got ready than changed both diapers because for some reason they always end up pooping the second we are about to step out the door. hahaha
I had an errand to run at the post office (sold something on Mercari) and they were a little rowdy but not too bad.
Than I took them to the Library....

The books I picked out for them.

and that's where I don't understand what I am doing wrong.
They were loud, they didn't listen to me when I asked them politely to behave. They kept trying to touch a little baby they saw and it was making the baby's mom a little nervous and I kept getting them and explaining why they cannot just go and touch a little baby and they didn't again.
But after that they kept misbehaving...

I feel like I give them my all. Every little ounce of me and it's still not enough. I know that they are so little still but you would think the solution is to take them out for fresh air and do fun things with them and spend time with them.... I do. I do a lot with and for them and it frustrates me that they act out as much as they do. I give them pep talks before we go into a place, I explain how I feel and still ... People have told me they are well behaved but it feels like for me, a lot of the time , they are difficult.

One thing from that video on youtube that she said was
"just because they have one bad day, does not mean they are a bad child." I love that. It reassures me that this is normal but sometimes it feels like too much to handle. I also need to remind myself that God put me in this spot to be THEIR mommy. I'm the perfect person to be their mom because that is the way it was intended to be.

I guess its just nice to write it out and clear my head for a minute. If anyone is reading, if you're a parent, I know it's hard. It's a lot of selfless work, but know that you are amazing at what you do and you are the perfect person to be your kid's parent.



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