Monday, November 21, 2011

BirchBox #1

Ok so this is my first one ever and to be honest I'm actually not super excited about it. I'm going to keep giving it a try and see if this is really a "must". The products are nice but just not what I thought I guess. But here we go!
1. Keratase oil for the hair. Smells real good and leaves my hair super silky soft! I apply this on damp hair before blow drying it and after as well.

2. Supersmile toothpaste. It says it whitens teeth and must use after each meal or twice a day. we'll see how it goes.

3. Mascara by Anastasia, Oh my Goodness I love how this makes my eyelashes look! Its not clumpy or anything, It separates the eyelashes so beautifully I love it!

4. Befine night cream, Ive been using this so hopefully it does me wonders ;) It contains rice bran oils which have a high dose of vitamin E these are used to soften and moisturize the skin. It smells good.

5.And my last item was a red hair tie. I found this one to be kinda ridiculous because its just a red little ribbon, but It does what it says which is to not leave any crimps or marks from using it. so I use it for when I sleep or wash my face.

There you have it! That is my First BirchBox Box lol I can't wait for the next one!

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