Monday, November 21, 2011

Pinterest, It's a love hate thing..

So how about I spent most of my time at work looking at things on Pinterest! Ughhhh I love looking at all those fab pictures and awesome DIY projects but dang, I hardly have time to do those! All those good ideas, all the colors, glitter , old stuff whatever is on there I love it! So I decided I had to do a couple of the ideas on there so I went with the nails. I saw these lovely nails and haaaaad to do them on my sausage toes. ha
I know they're not super neat but I think I did okay. I used an old liquid eyeliner brush and dipped it in the nail polish to make the fine lines.
Then I got into it and got a little creative and did little Christmas lights on my nails..
What do ya think? They look okay?
Yesterday was a beautiful rainy day. After church we headed home and I had to pull over to take a picture of the way the mountains looked after the rain. It was absolutely breath taking! I felt like we were in Ireland!

(looking migitif... if that's not a word ill be proud to say I made it up!)

My two cute boys!=) Cosby was running around in the rain with us!

It was a good time. =) anywho, Hope your Monday was good! 3 More days until ThanksGiving!

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