Sunday, November 27, 2011

DIY Christmas! Oh How was Thanksgiving???

Let's start with the exciting DIY projects I've been working on..
First: The Christmas Wreathe! Ah Ok so I love you Pinterest for some of those good ideas that you have. ;)
I made us a wreathe with ornaments and made my mommy one too! It's just way too fuN!
Mine's kinda plain but I like the colors!
Now for my mom, I really got into it...

Whatta ya think? Everything from the dollar store so I cost me no more than $5! Not bad eh?
and then I hung up ornaments on our window shades ( our place is very small so I have to make the best of it with decorating without using up too much space..
Okay, and next project was easy , filling up vases or tins with glittery ornaments and glittery leaves branches ;)

ugh I love doing all this stuff! I'm glad I had a nice four day weekend to be able to do so! =)
So how was you're guys' Thanksgiving Day???
Mine was good. The hubby had to work and since he now works 24's I was all alone until friday... NOT! I went to my cousins' house where I met up with my dad and all the family! It was a FULL house with a TON of food! It was awesome! I wished the boy could have been there too. I brought him back left overs and my cousins packed him a big dish with everything in it and omg he almost ate it all when he came home! I swear, I think he's still growing and he's almost 23! He could eat for 4! lol
It was nice seeing my sister and dad and all my neices and nephews! they're all pretty much taller than me..;/
David. He got home at 7 am and threw on pj's and ate. That's him for ya!

My feast! yum!

Me with my little neices! love them ! And my sis is there with the glasses.They're all too cute!
So After hanging out with my fam, I met up with my friend and we went black friday shopping (which we had never done before) at midnight and it was INSANE! ha Im glad I knew what I wanted because that was enough. I got amazing deals at H&M and at a new "instyle" store called Foreign Exchange ! Love my new purse and clothes. So I went back home at 2am, slept and hubby came home, ate like a pig, rested and then we hit the stores again. Started at the local thrift store which believe it or not also had a Black Friday sale, %50 off everything! I scored with brand new shirts, dress, heels and jewlery! all for $16! that's it! o man it was awesome! So I'm feeling fly. lol
It was such a fun day on friday. =) Oh! and I got flowers from the boy , saying he was thankful for all that I did for him. too sweet!

I love them! I love flowers, they make me feel so special and the colors always facinate me!
So yea it was a good Thanksgiving. I'm very Thankful for God and all that he has allowed me to have in life. He always watches out for me and Im so thankful for it. I'm thankful to be blessed by a sweet husband that loves me and treats me good. Im Thankful for our marriage! O and of course for the fur ball Cosby! my sweet baby Cosby, how i love you my little nugget puff son. ;)

I love how much Cosby cares for me when David's on his shifts. He's such a sweet hearted dog. I can't wait until we get a bigger places with a nice yard for him to be able to run around in. He has so much energy and I wish I had as much as he does. He's too cute!
ahhhh poop well hate to say, Back to work tomorrow and I'm so not excited but, I've got some good coworkers so it should be fun. Hope you all have a great Monday!

(Seasons Greeting from our butts...) ya and what? ha

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