Friday, December 2, 2011

I'm showing my free loader undies to the world!

So I've been scoring big time lately with just about everything! I'm gunna come off as a snob I know it, but I've been getting a lot of things for free and finding good discounts lately! I got my awesome  Victoria's Secret Backlace Boots about 3 weeks ago and I saved like $30 on them because they had given me a $10 gift card with my new Angels VIP card! On top of that they were having all clothes and shoes online 20% off! So that was nice! Well when the boots finally arrived they came with a secret rewards gift card and it said on there that I couldn't find out the amount that was on it until yesterday! So I rushed to the nearest mall after school yesterday to find out how much my card had and it had a whopping $100 on it! =D I hear most people got $10 on theirs. The gift cards went anywhere from 10, 50, 100 and 500 dollars! So I was one of the lucky ones! So I got a lot of good stuff, some cologne for the boy's stocking and lotions and all that jazz! I also had a coupon that if I bought anything from the Pink section I got a free pair of undies ;) whoo! and THENNNNN .... They were giving out real cute t-shirts from the fashion show that just happened for anyone that spent $75 or more and guess what ! I did! ha (literally I didn't since it was all free but I still got the shirt!) To top it all off, they gave me a little Victoria's Secret stuffed animal dog! I walked out with a hefty bag! lol
It's no secret now...

Cosby's growing up so fast...=( I feel like such a mom and it's only a dog... But he's my BABY! My son! hahaha
It's insane how smart he is , even though he doesn't look it in this picture! 
He really takes care of me and sleeps right on the curve of my hip. When David's on 24's , Cosby takes over . ;) He's my little man/dog. 
Speaking of David working the 24 hour shifts, it sucks... I'm a whimp when it comes to sleeping a our place alone. Yep I'm scared of the dark. I haven't been getting much sleep but I'll get used to it. Right now he's on a 48 hour shift so he'll be back tomorrow. Seems like I haven't seen him months! Our schedules are so opposite right now too, so it's an adjustment. But I'll have him home for the weekend and I'll have my cuddle bug. 

We've been looking for a house to rent or even a bigger apartment.  We hope to move out after the holidays, God willing! We are crowded where we're at! And Cosby needs a big yard! We've been driving around town and finding the cutest houses ever! I love "woodsie" looking places! Ahhh I can't wait!
I want something we can make look nice and like our own. We both also really want to experience living out of state for maybe a year and just see what it's like. We have the same mentality when it comes to living in certain places. That's why I married him, well not the only reason but one of them. ;) We don't want to stay in the same place for the rest of our lives that's for sure!
I'd even settle for this! ha

23 Days until Christmas! And it's Friday! Have an amazing weekend!
Carrie Underwood : O Holy Night.
My Fave Christmas song!

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