Friday, November 18, 2011

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree...

The Christmas Trees at work are up! I haven't gotten around to sharing where I work so I thought I'd share with you today. I work at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library & Museum. It's pretty cool to see all the different things I get to see and all the people I get to meet! It's honestly not my type of job since I love being out and about and here I pretty much just sit at the desk all day but this is where I get most of my blogging done . ;) shhh.Every year on November 18th they put out the many decorated Christmas trees and It's so much fun! This is my favorite time of the year! The colors, the smells and the lights! ahhhh I love it! So I got to see what they look like this year and the theme is "through the decades." They display popular things per decade on each Christmas tree starting with the late 1700's. Pretty neat.

We bought Cosby all these new toys and he seems to love the big bone from the dollar store =) He likes good deals too! He takes this huge thing that's bigger than his whole body under our bed and you can hear him squeeking under there biting it! It's hilarious! 
Last weekend I went to my husband's nephew's first birthday by my myself =( since he's now working the 24 hour shifts... I wouldn't recommend going on your own, it's kinda awkward and sad but luckily I went with my sister-in-law who is super sweet and fun so it was a good time. Their theme was from the movie Cars so the house was decked out in Cars stuff. Loved how the "sweets" table looked! 

And the Birthday Boy! 
 Ahhhh! So cute! I love babies! 
So that was Saturday. Then on Sunday my babe came home from work and we skipped church! oops! =0 but we both ended up sleeping in. We decided to go for a little drive and came across llamas on our way! Cosby loved barking at them and looking at us kinda like " why are these dogs so big?!" ha it was adorable! 
My two hunks! After the llamas we went to The Habit and ate a delicious burger.

And then we went to go get his Long grassy hair cut and played catch after wards. It was a fun Sunday! 

 This is how long it was before! I think he had critters living in there! hahaha
 And after! Finally! 
Oh! and I my boots finally arrived! I've been wearing them pretty much every time I go out! I love them, they're perfect! Sadly my BirchBox still has not arrived. =(((
 Sorry for the picture overload ! I just haven't caught up with blogging in a while! 
Last night I went to an O.A.R concert in Santa Barbara! I won the tickets on the radio (as always) just my luck! It was so much fun! So intimate and I took my sister in law since the boy was at work. 
 So yea that was awesome! And then tonight I am going to my first Bridal Show after work! Bring on the cake and goodies!!!! Can't wait! 
Lately I've been following this really cool blog THE DAYBOOK. The style that girl has is amazing! I followed one of her hair tutorials and learned to make a sweet looking bun on my head! Here's what mine turned out like :
 It's sort of neat and poofy, my style. =) here's the video if you want to make one just at cool. ;) watch this video Here   Just scroll to the bottom of the page to watch. 
Anywho, I hope you all have an awesome weekend ! Keep it safe! 


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