Tuesday, December 13, 2011

That Falling In Love Feeling

Man oh Man, what a busy but fun-filled weekend! The kick off was on Friday, I was able to get out of work early and my honey picked me up from work since he had the day off and was running errands all day.. David, you're amazing thank you for taking care of business. He had also brought me a delicious salad for lunch which made my day. So after work, we headed home to relax for a little bit and then I had my hair appointment which he wanted to go with me to. Don't forget this guy had just gotten in at 6 in the morning that day and was still going strong at 6pm! So off we went and I got my "Ombre" look done! My hair just looks like it has highlights in it but I love it! I've only gotten it done proffessionally maybe 2 other times, so this was a treat!
I had a 50% off coupon for that hair salon I had gotten from standing in a line on Black Friday so I used it.
What do ya think?
I'm pretty happy with the new look. The lady there did a very nice job. She was very quite and didn't really talk to me but I kinda perfer it that way. It was nice. So we didn't get out of the salon until 9pm, by then David was pretty dead. He had kept himself busy by playing AngryBirds and Flick home Run. Ha boys...
So then we headed to get Taco Bell because we were both STARVING  by then. I drove and as soon as we got home he passed out. awww.. what a trooper. He had done so much all day and still went with me to get my hair done...=)
Saturday, He was off to work by 4:30am as usual and I decided to go to the Christmas Parade with my mommy who was more than up for it.

The Parade wasn't at 4:30 am by the way, that might have sounded misleading ha. It began at 10am.
I took Cosby along and it enjoyed it just as much as we did! He was looking at the different floats passing by and everything! so cute!

Here Comes Santa Clause!
That morning was very warm by the way... What the heck... It's supposed to be Winter, California!
After that, My mom and I went to go pick up my wedding dress and veil and now it's safe and sound with me! ahhh! I can't wait for our wedding wedding.... !
Then I headed home and got ready to go to my coworker's house for a get together with the other employees. She wanted me to take Cosby, so I did. =) She has a dog too so they were entertained with one another.
Good times. That's Jen and her lab, Misty.
Our other co worker, Becky made the cutest little things, ReignBeers! Ha I loved the Idea! I had to take one home to David. (which he lauged at when he saw)
So that was my Saturday.
On Sunday, David came home and was dead beat tired. We missed church so he could get some z's... ( Sorry God..=/ I know we missed a good service..)
And at noon we headed out to van nuys lookin like a handsome pair to go to his work's Christmas Party. It was so much fun! They had so many prizes and games and FOOD! SO MUCH FOOD! it just kept coming and coming! It was Armenian food and the servers brought out maybe 12 different plates! I didn't take pictures becuase there was just so much! They were still serving by the time we left.

Newlywed us.. ;)
David getting his Christmas Bonus! Surprise! He's tall!....

We left at around 3pm and they were still serving food and desert...=-0 We headed right over to Chinatown because I had to write a report on a different cultural experience for my World Geography class. We had such a good time there! Felt like we were on our first date just being adventurous and cuddly with one another! I loved it.

The Perfect Sunset!

Once the sun had set we headed out to Burbank to look for a place to eat. Can you believe we even had an appetite after all that food??! ha
We ate at PF Changs and it was soooooo good! We got soup, appetizers, an entree and desert! All for $40!
Yum! Mini Cheesecakes!
I can't explain it but that whole day was so special, just him and I alone and out and about doing our thing together..It felt so good to have him there next to me, holding me and talking with me all day. I really felt like I was falling in Love  with him all over again. I never fell out of love, I just got all the new feelings like in the begining again.
I love us. And what we're going to be in the future.
So tonight, I went out and bought a mini tree that I found at the local Goodwill and it was only $10 with lights and all. I love how it looks the way I decorated and I put up our new ornament that he bought that night I got my hair done. We had decided we wouldn't be able to fit a tree in our little studio so we didn't plan on getting one, so he doesn't know I got one. He will see it early in the morning and Hopefully love it! =D I think we deserved to have our first Christmas Tree for our first year of Marriage.
Technically It'll be our 5th, but being married def first!
Pretty reflection of our Christmas lights on my Canon Camera.

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