Thursday, December 15, 2011

Remembering When...

My awesome Coworker Jen brought me my favorite drink to work ! I'm blessed by being surrounded by super nice people! 
So I've been nonstop pinning on Pinterest all day. Here is one of my finds:
Its a cute ornament filled with sprinkles! Head over *Here* to learn how to make them!

And then I started looking at OLllllllddddddD pictures of David and I that I found so here's a couple flashback images I have to share with you .

After we got engaged, we went to the fields and set the tripod to get our engaged photos.
Heavy Eyeliner and two Christmases ago.
Being adventurous 3 years ago.

First year of college!
What did I do with that cute sweater? hmm..
High School
Our first summer together 2007
Cool kids
I think that's enough for now. ;)

So I'm excited for Christmas! It's right around the corner! I'm excited for all the festivities!
Here are more Pinterest likes! Follow ME HERE. I just recently actually started pinning, but I've been on there looking at stuff for a while now so I need to catch up with that.
So Girly and cute! I love the outfit Ideas!
This Is a Must Have when we get a big enough place! =D
Guess that's it for me! Hope to Hear how your Christmas plans are coming along!

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