Saturday, January 21, 2012

BirchBox ! Numba 3!

Oh yes! Number three is in the building and being put to good use! I get mine late since I live in the middle of nowhere so yea, I got it like 3 days ago. This is what it looked like:
( It's missing a couple things 1. A fruit bar. Tasted it and was grossed out. 2. a BirchBox magnet ) 

1.) Stila smudge stick water proof eyeliner -lionfish (bronze) very cute color but used it on one eye and that was it...Poof is was all done! booooooo

2.) Juicy Couture sample perfume Love it!

3.) Archipelago Pomegrante bar soap - smells very nice I like!

4.) Origins Checks & Balances face wash. - Like this! 

* So yea that's pretty much it! I've been enjoying BirchBoxes for only $10.00 a month! I really like it but.... I do kind of want something that has more make-up in it than random products. So I might start trying out My Glam Bag. Same concept and price just focused on make-up more than anything. I'll let you all know what I choose. 

So today I ran errands and hit the local thrift store (Goodwill). I found a few things that I'm very proud of! I got my husband 2 tee shirts brand new and I got a couple white shirts and a long maroon skirt. My favorite finds where these:
Awesome pretty white Gibson plates! And guess what?! The bowls, 6 for $3.99 & 6 dinner plates for $3.99! So good! They totally remind me of the Pottery Barn / Anthropology look which I love! ahhh! Can't wait to use these ! 

My other favorite find was this body pillow Cover! Goodwill gets a lot of their new stuff from Target, this was obviously one of them! They're $9.99 at target and here it was only $4.99 brand new! whoo! I love it! Cosby does too...=/  lol

After Goodwill shoppin' I went grocery shopping. Got a ton of stuff .. Then came home and took a much needed nap . I woke up feeling sick, coughing and a sore throat... again... But the nap def helped! So then I started laundry and cleaned up and then went to Rite Aid to get some good inexpensive make- up . The one I use right now isn't matched up to my skin so well (MAC) and I've broken out because of it. So I chose to get back to using Maybeline. Here's what I got:
& All Maybeline products were buy one get one 1/2 off so I did! 

So that was my day. David works 24's so I get to see him tomorrow which we'll be taking a roadtrip over to San Luis Obispo to see my dad and then for David to turn in a Firefighter application. ;) I'm excited for our outing and to see my dad and family. =) hope you all have an awesome rest of your weekend! =) 
Lazy Saturday


  1. I use fit me by maybelline too! -__- I have sensitive skin but I have a question how do you get these birch boxes? lol
    -krystal coronado

  2. Click on this link
    It's only $10 a month and you get all these neat sample products. =) I've enjoyed it so far.



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