Wednesday, January 18, 2012


David got sick again....With some kind of nasty stomach infection and I had to take him to the hospital. He had a high fever and the doctor suggested it might be appendicitis so we stayed there all night getting blood work done and a CT scan. No bueno.. Turned out that wasn't the problem so they sent us home... at 5 am. ha I'm just glad it wasn't anything to serious.
So he stayed home all weekend to get better and rested yay! I loved having him there the whole time! But, all he was able to do was sleep. =( poor thing. He didn't eat much of anything for a couple days. On Saturday he was starting to get his appetite back ( oh no .. ha ). We had planned to help out with serve day where we meet at a park and serve food to the homeless, but we arrived to late.. I was so sad I wasn't able to help that day. Now we know for next time what to do. So after that, David and I went for a drive around Ventura. It was nice just enjoying being in the car with him and looking at all the neat little vintage houses. We went to In n' Out of course, and David ate the whole burger! ha what a big kid! lol We took our lunch and ate it at the beach watching all the surfers. It was very nice and relaxing to do.
 * Sorry, Not wearing make up. David looking sicky. 
After that, we did a little more driving around and talking. I love that we have such a good time when we drive places. I love our conversations and our jokes and singing in the car in dangerously high pitched voices! heeehee I love my Husband & being with him. 
We went back home to get some rest. Cosby was happy to see us. My little goober, he has his little funny moments. 
Like admiring his Daddy and Starring at him. =)
 & acting like a little innocent child.
& of course flirting with the camera! Love my Cosby.
For dinner  we went to El Torito! My favorite place to get a yummy Margarita and munch on chips and salsa! I got dolled up since we hadn't gone out to dinner in a while and smacked on that red lipgloss. =) 
Slipped on my new rock! Bam! Check it out! Found this awesome ring at the Thrift!  I love it!
We both ate pretty healthy that night. I got a tortilla soup and David got a steak salad. Yum!  
My tasty Margarita! I swear El Torito has the tastiest Margarita. My absolute favorite margarita was my very first one which was on the Cruise he and I went on and this margarita comes pretty close to that one! 
"Nom nom nom" haha nice capture right?! 
Happy as can be!  
 & he's done! 
On Sunday the 3 of us headed off to church, yes we take Cosby so he can play with David's parent's dog afterward. 
He loves being in the car! 
Our family!
So after church we went to the in-laws and had lunch. Then I went out with the girls from my group and watched Beauty & the Beast in 3D! Whoooo! that was so fun! I love that movie! Even though we were the only "big kids" in there it was still a good time. 
The darn movie actually ended up going blank on the scene where the people are going to go fight the Beast! ugh! common! Well it paid off being patient and waiting for 10 min until they got it fixed because afterwards we were able to get a free movie ticket to any movie anytime even in 3D! So that was way nice! 
Monday after work my mom invited us over for dinner, she was making fried tacos! There was no way we could say no to that! We took Cosby and he got to play with his big sister Bluebell. 
Lovin' from my Blue =)
David & I have been married for officially 5 months! yay! 
The drive home, Cosby cuddled and slept on Daddy's lap. Aww.. 
I don't know about you but I cannot wait for the weekend! And it's almost here! Also my brother ( Marine) is coming home in about 2 weeks, so I've got to get on top of my game and start planning for his arrival! Whoo! God is Good! 
Have an awesome Wednesday!

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