Thursday, January 26, 2012

Photoblog Recap & News!

So Sunday was Awesome! David came home from work and we quickly got ready and packed up to head up north to San Luis Obispo. We got there a little bit after 1pm and my dad had already left for church ( he's a pastor) so I decided to show David around the area. We drove to Morro Bay and went to Montana De Oro, which is a sand mountain pretty much dunes. We got there and it was mostly bushes and grass now.. So we climbed down the mountain and enjoyed the beach view. The waves were really big and the water kept on rising a lot... I got creeped out and suggested we leave... We didn't we stayed there and had fun. Ha. The weather was rainy gloomy weather My Fave!

So after hanging at the beach we went to a local bar & grill to munch on appetizers. We didn't know there was a game going on... and o man were we in for a "treat" ha. The second we stepped into the place there were screams like insane screams like someone's dying screams... Not the case at all, it was just a football game... I'm so SO so sosososososooooooo BLESSED to have a sweet husband that is not into watching sports on tv! Don't get me wrong, he's a manly man and all but he sees no point in wasting time watching some game that is more commercial than anything. And of course I feel the same ! heehee . So we sat there eating out onion rings and fish and chips and made fun of everyone getting crazy and hyped up .
Those people dont let my baby eat! 

We headed back to San Luis after we were finished there and went to my dad's. They were still at church so we waited patiently until my old friend and his dad texted me and stopped by to see us . It was nice seeing them! Once my dad and his wife arrived (like 4 hours later) we all went to eat at Firestone. Soooo good there! I got a chicken salad and David got a  delish looking tri-tip sandwich. 
My dad looking crazy-eyed 
My friend Alex and my step-mom
My little sister /step-sister. I consider her my sister. =) she's shy
Me and my Boo.. <3
Then on Monday I woke up and felt like caca. I was getting worst . My throat felt like it was on fire! and I kept coughing and coughing but I ignored it. David, My dad and I went with David to turn in it Cal Fire application. He'll find out if he gets it by April so Fingers are crossed! Then we went to Ihop! food food food!
I tried the chicken and waffles for the first time and it wasn't bad, It was a lot of food tho..So I gave the rest to my vacuum (David). =)
After eating, my dad drove us up North towards Cambria to see the elephant seals that go up on shore once a year! They are only there from Jan. -Feb. to give birth to the baby seals!

We saw a lot of seals...
 A lot , A lot... 

I mean a ton of seals! 
& they all had their own little personalities! 

 can I have some of that? -seagull
 ok, I'll just get some myself..
 Mom! This darn seagull won't leave me alone! -seal haha

 Daddy's girl.

 Oh hey there cutie pie! 
 Got an itch much?

 Being guys...
 Being cute guys.
 Hearst Castle! 
 My handsome man

 Daddy! Daddy! 
<3 Daddy and me time

So yea! On the way back so San Luis Obispo I was beat. I was all boogery and coughing so we decided it was time to head home and pick up our baby Cosby from his grandma's house. 

We had such a good time being with family and getting things done! But I am still sick now, so hopefully this cold/flu whatever it is goes away soon because... WE ARE MOVING! Yep that's right! We are moving into a bigger apartment on the 3rd. Still in the same town just bigger! We've been living a little studio for about 8 months now but thank God we found a bigger place! So we're starting to pack things up and get organized! On Feb. 10th my brother comes home from deployment for a year and I cannot wait! He'll be staying with me for the most part and I'm so happy that God blessed us with this place so that we have room to have him there comfortably! =) 
My view while blogging. 

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  1. Hello my lovely! I love you and I love how much you love us and me! This is so beautiful but what is more beautiful is actually being with you sharing these moments together. I love you susie. Love your husband (:



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