Friday, January 27, 2012

Let's get Wedspirated!

Ugh! I cannot wait for our actual wedding to happen. We Got married by the court in August 2011 but we had in mind to have our actual ceremony and reception soon after.. well it's not the ea$iest of things. So we are currently still planning and looking for a date that would be of Convenience to us $$$ so mean while I've been getting plenty of inspiration for the look I want and all the DIY decoration projects I want at my wedding. I pretty much want to set it up on my own (with help of the family) but I'll most likely be at the venue early making sure it's like I want it ;)
Colors & Ideas:
Mason Jars Mason Jars Mason Jars ( Already have bags filled of Mason Jars) 
I Also Love these flowers.
I def want my puppy there! umm hello, there's no question about it!
Pictures Pictures Pictures!!!
I want books like this all over.

I like this idea of giving out bars of soap as a favor.

Colors! Perfect!
Sweetest Sweets Table!
OH mAh Gah!I Love this dress! Ahhhh! BUT , I've already got mine and it's pretty. =)
For Sure doing this.
The Venue! This is where we plan on having it all. =)
Love these Bridesmaids dresses!
Lights Hanging around like this
Mismatched China and flowers in Mason Jars and long wooden tables!
Incorporate this flagged look somewhere (probable on the sweet treats table)
Lovin this mix!
YES!!!! YES!!! YES!!!!
I will be slaving to make these! What's a wedding without a mustache?! 
We want our guest to sit on haystacks for the ceremony. 
David Still wants the suspenders look and that is A-OK with me! He looks smokin' in them! 

Ok, so I went a little bit overboard, but this is all totally what I want for our wedding. =) Hope it really happens soon! 
Until then! 

* Have a good weekend everyone!

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