Wednesday, February 1, 2012

It's February! WHoo!

I'm SOOOOOOoooooOOOOO excited for this month! There's so much going on and I cannot wait! On Friday the 3rd David & I move into our 1 bedroom apartment with a bigger kitchen, living room space ( hello couch & coffee table!) and dining room area! Let's not forget that we will actually have a nice tub to enjoy ! Oh man I've been longing for this day for quite some time and it's now 2 days away! We've been living in a little itsy bitsy studio for too long! Check it out HERE. So right now everything is packed and ready to go just to make it easier. =) Can't wait! Also coming soon is my Brother! My Marine brother will be home on the 10th so I've been setting up his welcome home for that night at the airport and going to dinner after. I can't wait for him to be home and to have room for him to stay with us! He'll be seeing me for the first time as a Married Woman! ha Bam! I'm taking a week off of work to be with him. The following day is my Mama's birthday! Can you say busy?! So gotta plan more for that too! Then it's the best holiday ever,  Valentine's Day! David already asked me to be his valentine about 2 weeks ago and told me he already had reservations for us at the most amazing Italian restaurant in LA,  Maggiano's little Italy. Love it!

Ok so let's back track, This weekend was a lot of fun! Saturday it's just me and Cosby since David works. I had planned with a friend to get together and take pictures of eachother. We were both supposed to get all dolled up and look pretty and snap away together... Well I had started doing my make-up when my friend, Tamara, arrived and came in with a big ol' suitcase full of make-up goodies! She's like "um okay wash off your face, I'm doing your make-up!" ha! Man I felt like a celebrity getting all pampered and pretty. She did such an amazing job with everything! The make-up was so pretty and natural and the photos came out so wonderful! Turns out I was going to be the "model" and she was the one snapping away. I had such a good time! Never thought I would feel comfortable being in front of the camera (I'm always behind the lens lol)
After doing that for a few hours, I went back home and quickly got ready to go to family's house for my "sister's" birthday party. She is like a sister to me since she's been a part of my life for over 10 years. She turned 19 and had a dinosaur cake!  Cute!

It was a fun night filled with awesome people. On Sunday, David & I went to church, Powerful lesson as always! And right after we rushed to the .99 cent store to get some props for our Valentine's Day photoshoot! I had won it for only $25 on Facebook with Ria Reed Photography. Man She did such a good job! It was our first professional photoshoot and she went all out. She even decided to make it a mini engagement session too! It was a lot of fun and of course we made Cosby a part of the action. heehee
I put this one through instagram, I love this picture !
Put this one through instagram too . How Cute! 
She totally captured us and made us look really nice. Love it! Great Job Ria! =D After our little shoot, we were supposed to go over to the mama's in law's house for dinner but it got canceled unfortunately one of their cat's CC was rushed to the Vet er and didn't make it.. =( I was sad to hear the news. She was such a cute little cat, and surprisingly we got along. She would  always come to me and say hi. CC, you will be missed baby girl. 
So instead of dinner at mom's, we grabbed In n' Out and went to watch a movie with our free movie passes. We watched The Grey . To my surprise it was such a good movie! Kept me on edge the whole time! Full of suspense and good acting! I got really emotional though and could not stop crying for about a half hour after it was over... It made me sad and got me in thinking mode of I cannot live with out my babe. I never , ever want to be without him. I was just super sad! He held me the whole time and told me he loved me. Aww sweet. 
So that was our fun filled weekend! Last night after going to the church group, I came home to a mess that Cosby had made and he chewed up one of my sandals ... I made him feel bad by calling him a Bad Boy and showing him the damage he had done to my shoe! Ha he's such a cutie I couldn't help but take a picture of him being guilty!

 "I swear it wasn't me mama... " heeehee
Now onto other things I got the idea of doing a photo challenge for this month from Amanda at The Brandon & Amanda Story so here goes to Day # 1.
My View today is at work:

Whoo hoo exciting huh? ha Museum entry, full of nutzos. ha 

What's your view today?


  1. Loves! Photo Challenge is going to be awesome! Can't wait! What a sweet poopy! Awesome that you guys won a photo session, love the props! Love keeping up with you on Facebook, btw! :) Happy Wednesday Friend!! <3

    1. Aw thank you Amanda! ha you said poopy. lol
      It's great having a believer/friend I met on a blog ! Have an awesome day!