Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscar Night with Mr. Kimmel

Our little "Oscar" given to the studio audience in our goodie bag.

Where to begin?! I got to go to an Oscar after party!!! How insane is that? I was invited by my sister-in-law who had gotten tickets to be a part of the audience. So here's how it went down yesterday.....

I woke up yesterday at 4am , left the house at 5 am to LAX to drop my brother off (..sad sigh..) at 6am. I'm going to miss that butt nugget..  We had so much fun while he was here. He kept me good company. I still have photos to upload so I will do that tonight. I promise!;)
After that my mom dropped me off at David's station (he gets off at 6am & works 5 min from LAX) and we drove home together. I was really bummed out with my brother leaving and all.Let's just say it was a quiet sad drive back home. When we got home we ate breakfast and relaxed for a few min and then began the pampering and hair doing for the festivities! I started getting ready at like 10:30am which was pretty crazy since the taping of the show didn't even start until later in the evening but I was just too excited!!!! I had gone to TJ Maxx earlier in the week to look for something to wear... I didn't have much luck! I tried on three different looks and wasn't totally satisfied with any of them...
Look #1
Look #2
Look #3

Well, after all that I played it safe and bought the red pencil skirt... less than half hour before I had to leave, I tried it on with black tights and a black lacy shirt and black heels... I looked like a waitress! It looked bad.... I was digging through my closet, taking everything out and trying everything on... (my dear husband ended up putting everything away after I took off, sweet guy ) after what seemed like hours of not finding something to wear, I ended up wearing things I hadn't worn in years! A sheer Charolette Rousse top with a black pencil skirt, a nude color slip which I let show under the skirt , paired with black tights and black shoes. =)  So here's what I ended up looking like :
I think I kinda over did it with the make-up but eh, its hollywood... so whatev lol

Gangsta haha

Amber & I =)

Us again...

 and again.. At the studio.
We arrived where we needed to be at around 3pm. We had to stand in a line and wait until almost 6pm in heels and nasty cold wind until a shuttle came to pick us up and take us to the studio. There we walked right where the Kodak theater was and waited some more. At the studio we got a boxed meal that wasn't bad at all ! It was pretty dang tasty!
yum right? Turkey sandwich, chips, Pesto pasta, apple and a brownie.

We ate there in that pretty looking, glammed out room with screens all over so we could enjoy watching the Oscars. Well to my surprise, I looked out a glass door and bam! The red carpeted stairs were right there! Right infront of us ! They were so sparkly and the big statues right there! awesome! I really don't like to make it seem like I'm making the celebrities my idols or anything because I don't look at them like that at all. All I like is the glitz and glam of all this hyped out event and the fact that I get to be a girly dressed up girl. =) So anywho, Unfortunately they don't allow cellphones to be on while in the studio or any cameras at all so I didn't get any pictures of us inside the studio with Jimmy Kimmel.
While waiting for the show to start, They would get us all riled up and get us clapping and screaming and dancing ! It was great! And then the band came out to give us some music and that just added to the noise. They were giving away tee shirts to those who would demonstrate talents on the stage ( off-air of course), And I really wanted a shirt, so I barely raised my hand and sure enough, the guy hosting this saw me and called me out. I told him I didn't know what to do and I asked if I could do the running man for a shirt. hahahaha he said yes and then I changed my mind and told him I was going to do the charleston just like Kristen Wiig does in the movie Bridesmaids ahahaha! The band gave me some 20's music and there I went!  I def got my shirt. =D 
Of course I didn't look that good but I tried. Ha! So the show started and it was hilarious! But awesomest part of it ( yes awesomest) Oprah was there as a guest! Heck yea Oprah Winfrey! =0 It was awesome! She looked great in a gold sequined dress with shiny gold shoes and a fat gold ring !!! It was such a good time! If you want to watch some of it here you go :
Pretty cool huh? At the end we got Jimmy Kimmel goodie bags with  a rolling stone shirt, coupons for places to eat like Hooter's (lol) and coffee, movies ( The Blindside yay!) and cd's from unknown artists trying to make it I'm guessing, soda, cupcake shops discount, and an Oscar! Yea ha a Jimmy Kimmel Live Oscar lol. Everyone Joked that we would walk out with cars since Oprah would be there .. yea that didn't happen but it was still awesome! =D I had a good time! 
My Jimmy Kimmel shirt. Sorry for the mess. Took this before leaving for work. lol

Hopefully they post pictures of the Jimmy Kimmel show so I could show you all what it was like. =) It was a great experience and I'm thankful that my sister invited me. Have a Good Monday! 

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