Friday, February 3, 2012

Photo Challenge 2&3!

Hello! It's Friday! Get it! hahaha
okay so I'm at work right now and I'm itching to get out! We are moving today! Finally this day has arrived! I got a phone call from my awesome brother saying he is in North Carolina! Man I CANNOT wait to  see him! Hopefully he gives me some workout tips ;)

Now the Feb. Photo Challenge for yesterday was Words:
I've had this verse stuck in my head so hey, Those are the words for Feb.2

And #3 for today is Hands:

The Day I announced I was engaged on Facebook I took this picture. =)  Although I do not use this ring anymore...  Kinda a long story... I had posted that this ring is a man-made diamond ring which I didn't mind, actually I thought it was better since all the nasty things involved with getting diamond.... I'm going to seem very hypocritical and I'm so sorry for that but I have been wearing my diamond promise ring he gave years ago! The ring you see in the picture has started to get kinda gross and smudgy.. I knew it was inexpensive and what not but I thought it would last. He said he'd return it and maybe we'll get some vintage ring later. ;)  But anyways, I like this picture. I was super excited to be engaged to my high school sweetheart. ew I sound like I'm all about materialistic stuff. Sorry guys I totally don't mean to. 

When  we have a girl , Some day ... I'm totally going to have her dress like this! So cute! 

 The pinterest caption says Eyes.... I think it's focused on her bonkers... um someday i'll have those too..

Cosby would be Ballin' on this!
I want to make these!

O Hey there monkey butt!
I had planned on making these for the wedding!

Ok that's all ! Hope you all have a great weekend!

Cosby Says Hi!

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