Wednesday, February 29, 2012

photo challenge drop- out


.........With the February Photo Challenge that is! I just got way too busy and would forget to do it and what not... So instead I'll just share some of my recent photos of recent adventures! ;)  Oh and I found a new cam app that is pretty amazing! Leme Cam.
Mr. McD & I went for a ride in town yesterday and we found this pretty barn. =) it was completely abandoned and perfect.
So we went in and up the stair...

we kissed in the secret barn. <3

Cosby went along for the ride ;)

Sweet lil' barn.. 

Mrs. McD & Mr. McD 
On the road we found a sea of green

So I jumped out of the car and snapped away!

After the secret Barn we came back home and relaxed. Cosby Loves being in the middle. ;)
This is with Instagram.

While in class yesterday... I needed it.. ha

A day before I went to the Oscar's after party, I trimmed my bangs on my own..... umm that was a no-no.. I cut a bit too short for my liking but finally today they're looking kind of normal..

It's new.. Now I need to trim the rest of my hair (with professional help this time!)

What else? What else? What else??? hmmm...
Cosby sleeps weird...

I like this salad..

Yum strawberry lemonade & Salad from Red's in Simi.  {when my brother was in town}

No one do like we do! ha my crazy brother.. I miss him..  

Cosby, Moi, Mommy & brother.. do we look alike?

Yummy Margarita from BJ's. Outing with my girlfriend. 
It's beginning to look like Spring! 

Ok that's enough for this second.. I'll most likely post something tonight. See ya! happy Wednesday!

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