Friday, May 11, 2012

So much happening right now!

Oh man I don't even know where to begin without saying too much! haha.
School is out of the way until further notice. Honestly I have NOT  been happy going to school. I just feel like I'm wasting my time especially because I am unsure of what I'd like to major in. So we decided it'd be best to finish up this semester until I get my head on right. ;) ha. So I just finished my finals and those will be the last ones I take for a LOnnnnng time! So after school yesterday we were heading to... Ventura ( sad/good news David wants to be a sailor so he was looking into it.) anyways, on the way we exited the freeway and waited for the light to turn green and when it did the car in front of us didn't move. Just as David was about to honk the horn BAMMMM we got rear ended. The hit felt hard and made our heads bump forward but when we pulled over, absolutely NOTHING had happened to my strong fighting little pt Cruiser and nothing had happened to the SUV that had hit us. We were fine, Poor Cosby in the back seat was scared but fine and so was the other driver.  We were of course shooken up but by the grace of God we were totally okay. I gave the girl a hug and told her we were okay and she told us she was a photographer and would do a free sesh with us and I told her I'm also a photographer and she told me she does weddings and needs assistants at times. So sometimes the weirdest things happen for a reason. I felt like this one was odd but a cool thing. I will def. be taking her offer to get some photos taken. =)

Besides that Life is good! I can't wait to fill you all in on so much but I will get to it soon =)))
Our vacation begins in exactly one week and I cannot wait! We are so excited to get away!
The other night we went over to our friend's house for dinner and it was so fun and the food was good! I put her to the test of making dinner (she's new at this whole cooking thing ) but my goodness it was a good homemade dinner!

My eyes look off... hmmm
My sweet pup showing me some love <3

After our little car accident, he wasn't humping, he was holding on like a little scared baby! It was adorable!
ewww PDA... ha don't hate. I love being attacted by this 6'1" monster. =) 
Nails of the week. Dare To Wear color: Paloma. =) Can't get enough of this ballerina pink!

Okay now back onto the Navy topic... I know most of my blogger friends are military wives and proud of it. Trust me I would be too! But being in that office yesterday talking to the recruiters with David and all, and I just felt and saw how serious he really was about joining and I couldn't help but be a little sad the rest of the day... I absolutely support him following his dreams but man, we are so close it's not even funny! If we're not together we're constantly texting or talking on the phone. He is in reality my very best friend. To have him gone for months at a time makes my heart ache just thinking about it. All the recruiters there probably did more talking to me asking what my concerns would be and they assured me that the time flies when he's deployed.. They talked mainly about money to me and benefits and how much he'd be making and things we wouldn't have to pay for, yes it sounds amazing but if it means having money and not getting to enjoy it with the love of my life I don't think so.... that's how I feel anyways but I tell him over and over that I support the decision he makes and will feel a thousand times better if he Prays Prays Prays and Meditates on God's will for his life. If then he feels it's the right thing to do than I will stand right next to him on his final decision. I Love my hunk to death and want his heart to also be happy and fulfilled. So ladies that are used to the military lifestyle, Will you please give me some good advice on how you coped with you're hunny going away?

Chin Up Buttercup It's Friday and one more week until the Dominican Republic! =D

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