Friday, June 8, 2012

Dominican Republic: Part 2 (according to my iPhone)

Hello! Hope you're all loving the pictures from our trip! I have more to share with you! So let's begin! We left for our trip on Friday morning and arrived to the Dominican at 9pm but since I booked the plane tickets I tried to get the best deal which meant we would arrive one day early before our check in to our resort. So guess what that meant.... Sitting on metal chairs in a super humid airport in Santiago, Dominican Republic which is 1hr 1/2 away from our resort, for 10 Hours!
 ahhhhh! I thought it wouldn't be a big deal at all but oh man.... I would have loved to pay an extra $500 just to arrive the next day... It was the longest most uncomfortable 10 hours I've ever had to deal with. But when our shuttle arrived to take us to our resort, it was such an amazing drive through the jungle and little "pueblitos!" The Second we set foot on our resort we were blown away!!! It was so lush and gorgeous and the amazing service that was given to us was so great! So Here are a few pictures of our 2 bedrooms, Yes we had 2 bedrooms for no reason!  hahaaha
Walking in to our room, Living room ahead, Bathroom to the left.
Our living room, Has a balcony as well
2nd Bedroom. to the right is another bathroom. To the left another Balcony.
From our living room towards our Master Bedroom.

Our Master Bedroom with a  Balcony! 3rd Bathroom is to the left.
Our Master Bathroom, Jacuzzi Tub and shower, to the right a toilet and those things to rinse umm you know..

Every day, house keeping put different cute flowers in our bathrooms! I loved it!
View from our Master Balcony, To the left is the beautiful ocean! 
Our first walk on the beach!
First meal after waiting for 10 hours!

As I mentioned we stayed at an All Inclusive Resort, Thanks to his awesome mom & step dad,so it was mainly buffet style food. Really good and healthy too!
 The Life.
First night there and I get called to go on stage.. ha I'm on the far right
Burnt! Hello Dark side! who said you need alcohol for it to taste good?! It was delish virgin.
They were promoting new time shares so they took us to this amazing top of the line resort. Jacuzzis on the beach? Really?!
Next time, we'll stay here. ;) 
David enjoyed the all inclusive bars! 
He drinks, I take pics. nuff said. 
Amazing Beach!
Est. 2006 
This is how it is most of the time. I'm 5'3" he's 6'1" ... it's difficult getting a full face shot of the both of us. ha
Love Bugs.
Okay now this is my Favorite!!! Hahaha! No this is not edited at all! He really did get this sun burnt! Ouch! hahaa
& this is my sun burn. I turn black. I swear this is me. ha 
This was at the Brazilian restaurant(included as well) we ate meat till we couldn't eat anymore! We had a stop and go sign to tell them when to stop feeding us ha
Geckos! Lot's of them!   We named this one Cosby because we missed him so much! David though, tried catching it and grabbed the tail and it just came right off! No worries tho, we saw the little guy plenty after that!
He enjoys cigars while on vacation. The most interesting man in the world.
They made all these statues! 
Dominican Pesos. 
At the Waterfalls waiting for David to come back and jump from them! There was an amazing pool of water I swam in to the left! Fishies and all! 
Good Bye Dominican Republic, You were so good to us. 
David! David! David! I'm Awake! 

That's all I've Got for iPhone Photos! I've got videos too! More to come!  =)
Happy Weekend!

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