Thursday, June 14, 2012

11 Weeks!

Hello Everyone!
I'm so happy and excited to share some new photos with you all! I am now 11 weeks and LOVING it! My sluggishness is slowly but surely going away and my nausea has toned it down except for today, while I made my lunch for work, I gagged about 10 times with tears running down my face! It was out of no where! For about half the day I was super gaggy and couldn't even eat what I had brought to lunch but I now know I cannot not eat because that is no good. So I had chicken strips. =)
So on Monday I went to the clinic to fill out some paperwork and I asked if I could get an ultrasound since I hadn't seen Sweet Pea since the 5 week! The awesome nurse said of course and I was not prepared to see what I saw. It was the most amazing thing to see my baby grow so fast in such a little bit of time! Sweet Pea was kicking all around and scratching its cute little eye! I melted. I recorded it for Daddy McD since he was at work and I thought I'd share with you all.

Sweet Pea looks more like a Potato Bug! To the right is the head and the eye looking thing is actually the brain! Baby is scratching it's eye. Baby is the size of a Fig!
My little baby is flexing it's foot! See the toes? Sweet Pea is going to be a Dancer ;)

So I'm starting to show a little. If I wear tight clothes you can tell there's something more than last night's burrito going on in there.
Bump , Bump, Buuuuummmmpp....

We are so excited for this baby of ours! We've already been to Babies R Us like 4 times. We've begun to register things here and there since we've got family wanting to bless us with *A Crib *A Stroller & * A Rocker Glider with Ottoman! And of course I've already picked my faves on those.
If Sweet Pea is a lovely girl, This is the crib we'd want. So girly!

If Sweet Pea is a he, than this one will do, since it goes with our bedroom set.

yum! I'm excited for this awesome reclining glider! Also comes with an ottoman! =)
So we already started to rearrange our bedroom yesterday just thinking ahead. We loved how it turned out! for a one bedroom apartment we sure make the space spacious! So here's what our room looks like now.

Did the coffee filter lamp shade project. 

David's guitar

I'm planning on cleaning out my closet. I have too many things I NEVER use. 

Sweet Pea's crib will be on the right side of the bed against the wall. We still need to get the wooden bed frame from the in-laws house. I'm in love with the white against wood look. =) 
We're going for this look, if it's a girl. 

Pregnancy Now:

Symptoms: sore, itchy breasts. =/ gagging but still no vomitting. Backaches. 
Cravings: Not many but I love soda. I don't drink it like I used to but I allow myself some. I love bananas and oranges and apples! I miss magaritas from El Torito so much! =( 
Showing?: Barely there bump but I'd say so. 
Maternity Clothes: Not yet.
Gender Prediction: Girl
Mood: Generally happy but I do have spurts of anger out of nowhere. My poor husband is so sweet when I'm so not. God bless him. ha
Movement?: Not yet. Obviously the baby is moving but I still don't feel. 

Okay friends, I need to get some sleep, tomorrow the boy and I are leaving in the morning to my dad's because my step sister is Graduating from High School! Crazy! We are staying there and then on Sunday driving the opposite way to David's dad's house in Lancaster! We have an amazing 4 day weekend ahead and I cannot wait to be with my Love and to show my dad my bump! Oh I also just made some amazing Lemon Cheesecake for him;) I'll post on that soon!
Goodnight Friends! 


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  1. I am so behind. LOVE this post! That video is great of you giggling! Gosh that is so exciting. Love the coffee filter lamp. It turned out awesome! Love your little jewelry set up too-I'm wanting to do that when we move! Can't WAIT to find out if it's a girl or boy! :)