Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Weekend Sumup & Father's Day!

 Father's day weekend was such a good time! To begin with, David and I both had a 4 day weekend ahead that began on Friday morning when he got home from work. We took our time getting ready and left for San Luis Obispo (roughly about  2 1/2 hours away North) to my dad's. My step sister Jamie was graduating from High School that day! So I got there early to help her with her makeup! I can't believe she's all grown up and out of high school! Time flies!

Check out that amazing outfit! Good Job Girl!

From there, we went out to chili's to celebrate! It was a big group we were with since there were 3 graduates from the same school and from my dad's church. It was awesome! I got to see a lot of friends I hadn't seen in a while and EVERYONE had their hands on my poofy baby bump. ha
I'm so excited to see what's next for my little sister. She's a smart beautiful girl and I can't wait to see her graduating from college!
On Saturday we celebrated Father's day since we would be out of town for Sunday. So David and I made my dad and the family breakfast and some delish coffee.
My Dad added the heart. ;) *people, one cup of coffee for prenant women is okay. Not Over doing things is the trick.*
From there we all got ready and headed to Cambria, the cutest little town north of San Luis. It's also the place where Hearst  Castle is, if you haven't been there, its totally the place to visit!
We walked around the town and went in the cutest little shops. There were so many beautiful flowers everywhere too!
I had my dad take this sweet picture of us in this historical garden. I love how this looks. After walking my dad treated us to lunch. I forgot the name of the place but its the original FireStone bar and Grill. I got this:
A delish Veggie Avocado sandwich! Love! and we shared a basked of fries and onion rings. yum!
I ate half and was Stuffed! It's funny with this pregnancy I hardly eat and hardly have an appetite but I am showing. ha. Interesting. So when I finished eating I went to the restroom and when I came out I was walking back to the table "la la la la" ... and when I looked up there was a lady cleaning the table and no one was there... I was like um what?! I started walking towards the door laughing to my self but then I noticed the car wasn't even there! They totally ditched me! I looked around a couple times and Finally heard my dad giggling and I caught him hiding behind a bush! hahahaha Jerks Pranked me! hahaha And they even took pictures of me! I almost peed myself! hahaha
Everyone's gone!

hahaha It was great! I can't believe they took the time to scurry away and hide and even move the car! hahaa
From there we went to the beautiful beach and enjoyed the view. We found some furry friendly friends and fed them bread. I couldn't stop screaming when the squirrels would get so close! they were climbing all over David! And jamie jumped on top of the car! hahaha
My pensive dad.
The Cheesecake I had made was very tasty! It didn't that great but once I tried it I was proud! =) We left my dad's in the evening and then drove to David's mom's to pick up Cosby. He was so excited to see us! =) We then drove home and caught up on some sleep! On Sunday we drove to Lancaster to David's Dad's house and we ate at Shakey's Pizza with his parents and sister and their baby. It was fun! Then we went over to David's uncle's house and relaxed in their awesome pool!
From Right to Left Ready, Set , GO!

It was so much fun! We left Lancaster on Monday. What a great weekend it was! I can't wait for next year to be celebrating Father's Day with David as a Daddy! 

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