Friday, August 3, 2012

18 Weeks!

Heh? Excuse me?! Oh yes you heard right! I am at 18 weeks! Which means 2 more weeks until I'm half way there!!! =-D I love my baby so much already I just want to hold him and kiss him and spoil him rotten with love!!!

Let's get my update:

Symptoms: Headache. Lately I've had the most disgusting headache ever!!! I promised myself not to ever take medicine at all while pregnant but this headache had me to the point where I couldn't stand up. It was there for 3 days! So I took Tyelenol and it did the trick! Also lower backaches which my be from scoliosis or actual pregnancy symptom. Gas Gas Gas is not just for cars... if you know what I mean. ;) oops.

Mood: Happy and giggly. Don't know why I find the silliest not so funny things VERY FUNNY. Watching Wipeout I almost cry from laughing so hard.

TMI: At about 13 weeks and earlier I would try so hard not to cough or sneeze in fear of (Don't make fun) my baby somehow exploding.... I don't know how else to explain it, but I would try not to cough hard at all or sneeze just because I didn't want to hurt the baby... well now, things have def. changed. =) Sneezing and Coughing I let loose but that has it's consequences = peeing your pants a little. Hahaha oh yes. Attractive aint it? What else? Boobs are like faucets, make-up isn't as important right now and skin is itchy all over and I hate that. =/

Craving: Food. Like actual food. I can eat 3 full meals and really enjoy it now! Except for chicken or meats still but besides that I do like to fill my belly. Burgers are yummy.

Gender: It's a boy! Can't help but wonder if that is still correct only because I just found out someone I know was having a boy and then turned out it was a girl! But I have my 2nd trimester appointment coming up so we'll make sure. ;)

Anything else? I have been sleeping like a hibernating mama bear. I guess I need it but it's crazy how much sleep I need. I will prob take a nap after I'm done posting this.... Oh and Cosby sleeps just as much.

*That's pretty much it for this week. Nothing too exciting but still fun stuff to write about. Daddy David is normal this week so that's good. Cosby on the other hand is following me every where and wants to snuggle right next to me on the couch, in bed, and even when I go to the restroom and half way close the door, he'll push it open and sit right next to me. It's the cutest thing. I think he's becoming more protective now that baby is growing.

Yesterday was a ton of fun with my boy! We went to Babie's R Us to add to our registry. Now that we know whats living in my belly it was easier to pick out a few things! Yes It's a bit early but better that than go later and be at that huge overwhelming store for 4 hours in one day. So we focused on getting bottles, pacifiers, diapers and some clothes. After that we grabbed lunch and went to the $3.00 movie theater and watched What to Expect When You're Expecting! I had already seen it with my girlfriend but David wanted to watch it. It was just as funny as the first time! =D He loved it.

After that, I said " I feel like desert right now.." and I hardly ever care for desert after we eat, but I did this time. David was driving and didn't go towards home so I asked "where you going babe?" and he said
"to BJ's babe, you want desert right?" awwww it was so sweet he went somewhere yummy without asking me a thousand times where I wanted to go! heehee I'm spoiled. So he got his beer sampler and I got my pizookie! YUM!!! We had a blast just talking and acting silly.
And I wasn't even the one drinking! ha 
It was a fun Date day. I love my husband. He's exactly what I'd pray for when I asked God for a husband.

Anyways, Hope you all enjoy your weekend! Tonight I might go to Noche De Ronda for fiestas in Santa Barbara and watch all the Flamenco dancers dance at the courthouse where David and I got married. =) It should be fun! and tomorrow I've got a baby Shower to go to! =D


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