Thursday, September 27, 2012

27 Weeks!!!

Hi there guess what? I'm 27 weeks pregnant today! This is the last week in my second trimester and I cannot believe how fast it's going! I'm so excited to be in my 3rd and final trimester! We did it!

This week baby Noah is about 14 1/2 inches long and weighing in at about 2 and a half pounds! And believe me, I can feel it! Either this boy has a huge head or big butt! ;) He's now sleeping and waking at regular intervals and he can even open and close his pretty big eyes already! ( Have you seen a picture of me? I say big eyes for a reason lol)  Let's get started on my current symptoms!

Numero Uno: can you pee like a race horse????! O mah gosh! I go pee, get up do what I'm doing and have to pee again after 3 min! And it's not like oh yea I can hold it, NO. It's like "I'm about to pee my pants if I don't go ! " and then I go and it's 1 2 3 drops. NICE. Oh and that's a ton of fun through out the night..... NOT! ha
Numero 2: I'm HUNGRY! I feel so hungry! I've been snacking a lot on celery with peanut butter, crackers and string cheese.
Numero 3: Sleep sleep sleep! I feel like I'm back in the first trimester! All I want to do is sleep ! But that can also be to the fact that I don't sleep that great at night time..

I just want food food. I have been cooking again so that's good! But I have been craving potatoes, eggs, cereal. Yum!

I feel clingy to David. I want to be with him all the time. But then I get annoyed when he talks too much oops... ha He's understanding. For the most part I'm happy and energetic.

Wedding rings on / off? 
Today: Off. But for the most part on but they are tight.
I now have the Linea Negra on top too! And Thankfully they line up !  =) 

Innie / Outie?
Still an audi.. in between ... What do you consider it?

Maternity Clothes? 
Oh yes and no shame! It's literally the most comfortable clothes I own!

So now that I'm getting into my last trimester, I've been doing a whole lot of preparing! Noah's room is coming together and I'm loving it! We are going with a Pirate / Old ship look but still shabby chic... Don't know if that makes sense. Yesterday we went to look at a cute dresser I found on craigslist that I thought it'd be perfect for Noah's room and we totally lucked out! It was $100 and it's got a vintage feel and it's big!

I love it! The room is totally coming along nicely but I don't want to share many pictures until its nice and neat and perfect ;) Eeeekkkk! I cannot wait!

Noah baby, mommy and daddy cannot wait for your arrival! We feel as ready as can be and are longing to hold you and kiss you! Love you baby boy! Only 91 days till I meet you!

Mommy Susie

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  1. You are gorgeous!!! I love that dresser! I've found a few awesome deals on craigslist too :)



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