Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hello Fall !

Happy Fall Everyone! 
Omgeee! Finally right?! Feels like it's been summer all year here in California! And I'm not loving it! It's way to hot and I just want to feel the sweet cool fall breeze! Well since Fall officially began yesterday, I decided to start a little bit of some DIY decorating at our place. I dressed up out little coffee table with cute little things I found at the Dollar Tree. Yep! Everything seen in the picture about is from the Dollar Tree! Not bad huh?
2 Clear Vases, 2 Pumpkin Spice candles, 2 fake pumpkins, Leave Garland, Dried Moss in the vases and  little Fall leaves with glitter cut outs.
Today, we ended up being too late for church, we accidentally slept in when David got home from work and woke up later than we usually do to go to church. We left the house a half hour late and by the time we did make it in town, we were too late to go. So we drove around town and got lunch and went to enjoy it at a park. We brought Cosby with us and boy was he happy to run around freely! He went nuts! He was running all over and chasing birds, than he'd get super tired and just plop himself on the grass! so cute!
Modeling for mama ;)
After the park, We went to Big 5 Sporting Goods store and David got a knife.. ay, the things boys are into.. ;) and then to Blender's in the Grass and got a PB Smoothie. So tasty! David had never tried it before and he was in love! ha 
Making Noah Happy! 
That was pretty much our Sunday Funday, sad we missed out on church tho. =( Hope you're all enjoying you're weekend! 
*Some more Fall stuff I enjoy looking at/doing:
Posing with all the fall decorations at Michael's !
Yummy Pinterest Recipes! Thanksgiving Deviled eggs!

Cute clothes for fall! This is pregnant-friendly too!
I need a fat scraf like this! and lovin the sweater!
Flannels! My Fave! 
Lovin them ALL!
What I'm mainly super excited for this fall, is that right after, I'll be giving birth to the sweetest baby I'll ever meet. I Cannot wait! =)

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