Thursday, October 11, 2012

29 Weeks!!!

29 weeks! In one week I'll be 30 than BAM! POP! NOAH! =)
I know I keep saying how fast time is going by but seriously, it really is! Every week that passes feels like a day that's gone by! I guess that happens when you sleep for most of the day! ha! I'm truly enjoying pregnancy and all the changes. Even the not so cute ones like weight gain, peeing a million times a day and other stuff I'd rather not mention haha! Let's beigin with the update!

Achy lower back, side aches lots of side aches. Being sleepy a lot of the day, peeing all the time, hunger.... Besides getting a nap in at about 9am, I have plenty of energy. I spend a lot of my day cleaning and rearranging! I can't stop organizing Noah's things, I just can't! =)

I really crave sweets but I can't and shouldn't eat things like chocolate, donuts or sweet sugary cereals. I try and keep the craving down with gum, oatmeal with brown sugar and banana, and special k cereal.

Mood: moody, happy most of the time. I feel frustrated a lot too, for no reason really lol and obsessing with getting everything JUST RIGHT for Noah. ( Like his room, I kept changing my mind on what crib we should get and how to decorate) I guess the mood would be indecisive.

Wedding Rings On/Off? Back on baby! Weather has cooled and since my last doctor's appointment I've been eating better and loading up on water. So yea that helps!

Maternity Clothes?
Oh yes! And still rocking some tanks I had and leggings.

So Much movement from my little man! He is a dancer or a gymnast/ karate king! He's been head down for a couple weeks now but it's not the most comfortable feeling. His butt has doubled in size this week and he likes to cram it right in my ribs! =( Not nice boy! He also does a tickling thing when I sit down, my belly touches my thighs and that's when he likes to run his fingers against that part of my lower belly! It's the weirdest / alien like feeling ever! And it's weird that I know what part of his body is where!

Belly button: Innie/ Outie? 
Not sure what this is considered to be... an audi? ha 
I'm enjoying all the "wee mails" I receive everyday! They crack me up!
Onto the Husband!

He's still pregnant. Eating plenty and moody at times. Although he's calmed down. He's gained about 15-20 pounds! But don't worry it's healthy weight he's been building muscle along with it too =D . He gets cravings for certain foods. Like last night, he decided to cook whole wheat rigotoni with Italian Sausage and bellpeppers and man it was so so so good!
There's something so attractive about seeing your man take initiative in the kitchen! Love it!
Noah's nursery is pretty much all done! I'm so excited about it! I'm going to share that next week since it'll be the 30 week mark.
Me and my best . I'm the short tubby one on the left. wah.. hahaa

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  1. Haha I love it when my husband takes initiative in the kitchen too...which is all the time because he doesn't trust me ;-)



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