Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pumpkin Patch!

Huge! At 29 weeks!
On Sunday after church (which us fantastic as always) we made plans with David's family to go to the Falkner Farms Pumpkin Patch like we have for the past 3 years! I love going there, it's always a good time with good food, music and hello... picking pumpkins! The scenery is to die for! Which is why I'm always more than happy to take a few pictures! There is a barn with a vintage store in it, A huge hay stack that all the kids climb on, a corn maze, and beautiful gardens everywhere! This year, it's hot. I mean 94 degrees in October? ! Are you kidding me? So the most we did was eat and enjoy one another's company, picked our pumpkins and left! David's mom took pictures of us like she does every year. I love it! Although this year it looks like I ate a pumpkin not picked one! ha

And of course I had to snap away with my own camera!

Of course I took an instagram shot! Follow me @Snooz3

We got 3 pumpkins (one for David, one for me and one for Cosby. ) Noah babe, you'll have to wait till next year when you can actually pick out which one you want ;)

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