Thursday, October 25, 2012

31 weeks!!!

I'm 31 weeks! yay.... lol
I think I'm at the point right now where I just want him out. Noah, you hear me?! Make it quick! heehee.. It's getting very hard to be comfortable with doing pretty much anything! I can feel him getting uncomfortable too, he's always moving and doesn't seem to have enough room!

I do have cramps a lot now and I get side aches while walking. I go walking everyday, most of the time twice a day, but it is def getting harder and harder to do it. I always get some kind of pain. It's normal since right now my body is preparing itself for birth. I've also been getting dizzy spells. I feel fine and the next thing you know my heart is racing and I feel very dizzy. It might be because I get up from one place to another too quickly but it makes it hard to do much.

Plenty! Noah Loves to move! All day! I recorded a few vidoes of his alien like movements but it never shows up clearly on here... sorry guys.

Wine wine wine ... Too bad I'll just have to wait a little longer!

Maternity Clothes?
Fer sho. That and sweats. Thank God it's finally cooling down, I'm all about leggings and boots right now. I have no idea what I'm wearing to my baby shower in 2 weeks but I want to be comfortable something like:
Belly Button: innie/outie?

Guess what?! I woke up yesterday morning and look what finally popped out?!

I have an outie!!!

Pretty happy but still very ancy. I want my baby boy here already!

Labor Signs?
I do get braxton hicks and I think contractions. Sharp lightening bolt pain that goes away in a min.. Pretty painful but not too bad.

Wedding Rings On/Off?
ON! =)

I can't wait! So my baby shower is coming up Nov. 10th. I'm so excited! I'm making the decorations and it seems to be turning out great so far! The Theme is Mustache Baby Bash of course!
I'm kinda nervous, I haven't had a party in a looooonnnnggg time but I know we'll have a great time! I'm making it coed, I mean this is David's baby too after all! I want him to be a part of it as well. =)
I'll be posting more of my DIY decorations very soon ;)


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