Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Weekend Update!

Good morning and Happy Tuesday friends! The busy hectic weekend has come and gone and it's almost the middle of the week already! This past weekend was so busy for us! On Saturday I had a wedding to shoot in Santa Barbara, CA ( my hometown woo woo! ) and with David's help it was super smooth! He actually had to work a 48 hour shift (He is an EMT and works 24 hour shifts)  in order to have Saturday, Sunday & Monday off so he came home Saturday morning, we ran a few errands, got his hair cut and headed up North. I met up with the soon to be bride at a cute inn on the beach and snapped away as she got ready. Her dress was to die for! Her hair and makeup was absolutely gorgeous ( of course, she's a hair dresser and owns her very own salon) so you know she had amazing taste! From there the wedding ceremony and reception was held at a local park right on the beach. It was such a good time! David is getting pretty darn good with photography too! I was so thankful to have his help I mean hello, I'm already 7 months pregnant, and still photographing like 5-6 hours at a time so yea it was super nice to have his help =).
Bride & Groom. We photographed them on the carousel! (iphone pic)
Another iphone pic, don't worry we took good photos I just want y'all to get an idea.
We got home at about 9:30 PM, unloaded the car and all and decided to make it a movie night since we're never home together on Saturdays! Right as we got home our neighbor told us a package arrived for us and that he held onto for us since it was big, and guess what it was?!!!!
Oh YES! Noah's stroller!
My sweet brother bought this for us and had it shipped to our apartment! Um might I add that he is deployed at the moment, on the other side of the world and he did this?!!!!! Freakin' awesome! He even matched the head cushion to go with the colors! so sweet! On top of it all he got us an extra car seat base so we won't have to switch it back and forth between cars. We put it together and I was outside late at night testing it out with Cosby on a leash next to me as I pushed the stroller to see how he'd do. He was so good and calm! Ahhhh I can't wait!
Oh and we ended up watching Fireproof that night, such a great inspiring movie! Def made it an nice snuggly "I love you so much " type of night ;)
If you haven't seen it, Go rent it right now! 

On Sunday, I was having a fat day. A fat and whiny day. We were already running late to church (we drive 45 min to go to our church) and we were also driving the opposite way after church to visit David's parents. So after we gassed up we decided it'd be best to just head on over to David's dad's house instead since it would be too much driving in one day if we did both. So we went to Lancaster for the day and had such a good time! His parents bought a sweet new ride and when they took us out for lunch we got to ride in it! So fun! We had Olive Garden, it was their treat to me for my birthday! =D Yep still celebrating a month after! I'm loved. After Lunch we went back to their house, I fell asleep and we decided heck let's just spend the night! So we did. Cosby had a blast too, he Loves playing with his cousins until he can't move any longer! He'll play until his eyes are bloodshot red and he'll end up being so tired that he falls asleep with his head up! ha
chub face. Hangin out 
Check out that stink eye! nice... 
Monday morning we had breakfast, jumped in the shower and said our goodbye's. We had my monthly prenatal appointment to go to so we headed home, dropped the Cos off and headed out.

Here's what I wore. Thrifted plaid shirt $3 (actually a men's shirt! ) 
We got not so good news from the Dr. about my glucose test results. So Baby is totally healthy and growing at a good rate but I need to watch my sugar and carb intake. I have gained a lot of weight while pregnant, I'm not comfortable sharing how much I weigh but it's a lot. The Dr. reassures me that the weight is supposed to go up and that I'm okay where I am at but I do need to eat more fruits and veggies and less sugar. So starting today, I'm being a lot more careful with what I eat and drink. I also developed a rash on a little bit of my tummy and under my arms and breasts. It's PUPPP, its a pregnancy rash and it's nothing serious just one of those that some people get it and some don't. And I did. Sucks . There isn't much you can do to stop the insane itchiness of the skin but the obvious, putting lotion on and not scratching. Also taking cold showers to alleviate the itching. I'm to the point where I get so itchy I want to cry! David's step mom, let me use some of her Argan Oil and that actually really helped with the itching and I noticed it took away the red marks on my boobs! She ordered me some and I cannot thank her enough, I can't wait to not be itchy! ha !
It's pricey but it seems to really do the trick. You can find this online HERE and at Sephora stores as well. This oil is also good to moisturize the face and you can even apply it to your hair for extra shine and smoothness! It's a miracle oil!

Well that's pretty much it for my weekend update. I've got plenty of babyshower preparing to do today (sending out invites and cutting out decorations!) I can't wait! It's in a month already! Eeeek!

Happy Tuesday!

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