Thursday, November 29, 2012

33,34,35 & 36 week update!!!

Oops! Didn't realize how behind I was with this weekly pregnancy update ! Ill share my latest symptoms and past picture of the morphing belly! 4 more weeks!!! Could be 2 more weeks or even 1!!! Ahhh!! All in God's timing !

SYMPTOMS: pain! No one ever told me pregnancy was actually painful, I know to expect it for the delivery but dang! These Braxton hick contractions are getting painful! Also sitting too straight or laying on one side hurts and feels like I'm squishing baby boy. :( sleep, I need much sleep and although I couldn't sleep at all at my moms house last night, I slept ALL day in my delish bed ! I love sleep!!! I'm very much so in nesting mode, clean clean clean!!! Everything MUST be clean? I've organized David's drawers about 3x now and rearranged a couple things in the apartment.

Stretch Marks ?
Yep but still just on the sides of my hips and chest. Gotten a few more on the hips though. But no complaints yet.

BellyButton: innie or Outie?

Noah squirms and shifts. Does alien like moves from one side of the belly all the way to the other side of the belly. I've tried taking video of this but he's camera shy! :( he better get used to the camera with a photographer mommy! ;) oh and the movement now, hurts me! Big guy in a small space = ow.

Word of the week : Aggravating . Ha ask David, I guess I've been using this word plenty because today he told me I need to write a book call Aggravated For Pregnant Women , and have it be a description of all the things I find aggravating at the moment! Bahahaha ! Besides that I just want my space but I'm still a happy camper.

Wedding Rings on / off?
On! Tight but on!

Noah hurry! I want to kiss your squishy face already!!! Muah!!!

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