Tuesday, December 4, 2012

What we did this weekend.

This weekend was a good one! I can't believe it's already Tuesday! Days are just flying right by! This Saturday was David's last day training at the academy as a firefighter!!! He worked his 24 hour shift as an EMT on Friday, came home at 7 am Saturday, and left at 8am to start his 24 hour shift at the academy!!! That boy has been crazy busy all November and we're both glad and proud that he got through it! So on Saturday, David's dad and step mom picked me up and took me with them to our nephew's 2nd birthday party it was Toy Story themed!!! All the decorations were done by the mama herself and her best friend! The dad was even dressed up as woody!!!! It was a good time! When i got back home , I took a much needed nap. When I woke up I couldn't help but look at old photos of David and I and letters he had written to me years ago. I got all choked up ( happens a lot while preggy lol) and I just felt like I really can't wait to meet Noah an have him here but I'm going to miss David and I and our adventures.. I know it's not over but that's just how I felt. Anyways, I stayed up late about to write him a letter when David walked through the door!!! It's weird, whenever I feel like I need him around or need to talk to him he ends up calling and this time he showed up ! He was very early off his shift and it was so good to have him home at the exact moment! God is good!!!
Sunday , we stayed home an slept in ( David hadnt slept much at all) and we cleaned the place up. In the evening we got dressed up and went out . I didn't share but last time we tried to go see Twilight pt.2 , we got there and the two couples in front of us ended up buying the last tickets. So we decided to go watch it ( FINALLY!!!) on Sunday. Man was it good!!! The fight scene was so intense it gave me contractions !!! Ha! We walked around the area and took pictures by all the pretty Christmas decorations ! We had actually been to that same place exactly 51 weeks ago ( according to Instagram ) so we took a picture in the same spot to compare.:) after that it began to rain and we were hungry so we got In n Out burger! Yum! We actually ate in the car on the way home because I was having constant contractions and yes they were getting painful.. We were sure it was the real deal until we got home and I took a hot bath and they went away! :( wah! I want to see my little man!
Yesterday we went to my prenatal appointment an everything looks good but the dr. Didn't check my cervix and it doesn't look like he will be.. I guess when the time comes we'll know for sure. This has sure been a test with my patience, I've been good with it up until this last month... Last night I ate spicy food, went jogging with David, did squats and took a hot shower.. I did get contractions but again they stopped .. All in Gods timing !!!

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  1. What a fun weekend!! Love the Toy Story themed party :)