Monday, November 19, 2012

Sometimes Things Are best unplanned

Happy Monday everyone!
So on my last post I shared with you that the husband and I were going to go and watch Twilight, well long story short, that didn't happen.. We went out of town ( to use the movie certificates we had) got dinner (delish pizza from a hole in the wall restaurant) and when we arrived at the theater, we stood in line only to have the 2 couples ahead of us by the LAST tickets for the time we wanted to go in! :( rude much?! Ha ! And the only showing left was 10:45 pm which is too late since David had work the following morning! Oh well, we moved on and walked around the mall there. It actually ended up being a great night! We went to Barnes N' Noble and sat in the children's section and tried finding Waldo ! Heehee! We talked about the upcoming weeks and how insane it is that we're going to be parents! Man, it's happening so fast and I can't wait! Anyways we had a great time even though our plans didnt work, but hey sometimes those are the funnest of nights! David was being a goofball all night and had me laughing so hard I almost peed like 5x ( that's pretty normal now haha) I love him! I'm glad to see him more upbeat since the passing of his Grandpa. Please keep him in your prayers.

Thanksgiving is only 3 days away already!!! And something else that isn't going as planned, we found out that David is actually working for Thanksgiving and for Black Friday! :,( he won't be home until Saturday morning which isn't fun, since we had our day all planned ou to be together for the first time on Thanksgiving. Since he started the academy, his schedule is all over the place so we didn't realize this change.. So since he'll be gone for Thursday, I will be cooking up a storm very early Wednesday morning, than we have my prenatal appt. later that day and then he has academy! Phew ! We are going to be busy! On Thursday I plan on going over to my moms and enjoying the holidays with her. I'm excited to cook!

I've been pinning a lot on Pinterest lately , and I'm excited to do a couple of DIY projects and share with you all! Christmas is soon approaching so if you need ideas go on Pinterest and follow me! @susie McDaniels

Here's what I've been up to according to my iPhone:

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