Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012!

Happy belated thanksgiving !!! Boy has it been a good one! It started early and ended perfectly! So since David had to work yesterday and today, we celebrated on Wednesday and began cooking the turkey at 6am! I found a great recipe on Pinterest for the turkey , and not only did it taste amazing but it was even healthy!!! (3 thumbs up!!) for side dishes I made mashed potatoes, a green bean casserole , deviled eggs, a sweet stuffing I threw together with a stove top boxed stuffing mix and added apples, craisins, carrots , celery and onions. I also made a tasty cranberry sauce ! I was proud of all that cooking and it sure paid off! We gave some to our neighbors and they both said ( no lie) that its the best Thanksgiving meal they've ever had! Yay!!! Chef Susie made her debut!
Later that day we had our prenatal appointment and that also went great! They did a quick ultrasound because the doctor wasn't able to feel where his head was and turns out he's already engaged and ready to go! He's so low that she couldn't feel him! I'm excited!!! He's bound to make his arrival very soon!
For Thanksgiving day, I went on over to my mom's and my grandma was also there! We cooked, I made the cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie! Yum! And afterwards I brought my grandma back to my place to stay the night ! Cosby had an amazing day playing with Bluebell so by the time we got home he was done for the day!

Now today, has been just as good! My grandma and I walked on over to the local Goodwill for blackfriday discount (50% off everything)!!! Man I loaded up on cute clothes and a cute pair of ankle boots! Now ill be honest, I ended up buying shirts that will fit after pregnancy, I couldn't help not getting them, too cute , and it's not like ill be preggers forever! Ha I'm determined to get fit soon!
My mom picked my grandma up and they were off for the day. Than later my sweet aunt and cousin came to visit and brought a cute box full of clothes for Noah! Such cute things! :-)

I'm extremely thankful for the family I have. I love them so much and love how caring they are! I love having my grandma around and I'm so thankful she's been so involved in my life since the day I was born! She raised my brother and I and I'm very thankful for her.
I'm thankful for my loving husband and all the hardwork he's put into this month in particular. He's so devoted to his work and fire academy but still makes the effort to make time for me. I love you DJ.

I'm extremely thankful to God for always blessing us and for all the amazing things he teaches us daily. I know God will bless Noah's life just as much and more. Love you God, you're love is like no other. <3

I'm super thankful for the Garcia family and my sista from another mista ( and momma) Ana B, you've all been a part of my family for over ten years now . Thank you for supporting me in all I've done and for really being here for me and David. Thank you for giving us an amazing start to being parents by providing us with necessities for our baby Noah! Love you guys so much!

I'm thankful for a million things but if I wrote it all down you'd probably be reading this for years!
Tomorrow is going to be a great day! My best friends babyshower is tomorrow ( I know I need to blog about mine,I still haven't gotten a laptop charger to be able to upload my dslr pix) . I can't wait ! I hope you're all able to breathe after feastig on turkey!!! Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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