Sunday, December 9, 2012

Still pregnant ...

And frustrated ! Ugh! *sorry*
It's been fun and all but this last month of pregnancy has been tough! As I mentioned last post, we had another false alarm. Mind you it's been our third time at the hospital thinking I was in real labor! On Friday they told me I was in early labor. So at least it's a starting point. I really thought I'd have Noah yesterday and nothing... Luckily I'm surrounded by loving family that takes good care of me! On Friday my mom watched after me and David. Yesterday my dad came to visit and stayed the night along with my step mom and sis. They brought us take out Italian food and you bet I loaded it up with red flakes!
Afterwards we went for a walk to look at the decorated houses and sipped on our Starbucks drinks. We came home and watched the Notebook and had a good cry ;) ( or I should say I did ) . All night I had cramping and hardly slept! And I had bad dreams! My dad and stepmom made a delish breakfast which I didn't have much of because I woke up feeling nauseas! I'm telling you I'm very frustrated! These contractions need to go somewhere and they just won't! :/
I know I need to be patient but seriously this has been the longest I've had to wait for a Christmas present! ;)
Thank you for your prayers!

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