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Noah's Birth Story

January 8, 2013 - 6:47 pm

9lbs 1oz 22inches long

We welcomed our baby boy Noah into the world!

The Begining Jan. 7th

Last you heard from me was almost 2 weeks ago when I made a video announcing that I was getting induced Watch Here. Well on Monday Jan. 7th at 8am, we arrived at the hospital, with all our bags (which was like our whole house lol) and they checked to see if I had progressed. Luckily my fave nurse Chloe, was on that shift that day so I got her. ( Every time I went in for false labor she was my nurse and we really got along.) She's a total sweetheart that genuinely cared about David and I. To our surprise, my body had actually begun dilating on its own! I was 2cm and 50% effaced! Not much but after being at 1 cm for about a month and a half, I was happy! They decided to still get me started on pitocin, So at about 10am they got me all hooked up and going.

We were there all day and I had finally progressed to a 3 1/2 cm after hours of nothing happening. Since I was on an IV, I wasn't allowed to eat. All I had was toast and coffee early that morning. I WAS STARVING! By about 9pm, they checked me again and I was finally at 4cm. Still not much pain, it felt like strong period cramps but not too bad. I did get fentanyl (a pain killer) through the IV, just so that I could sleep and relax, and my gosh, that was a trip! I've never felt like that before and my mom and dad were cracking up at the things I was saying and giggling! It was a fun drug. ha ! So after 9pm, they decided it would be best to unhook me from the IV completely and let my body relax hoping that it would naturally progress. They let me walk around the hospital for a good hour, let me eat (which I could not because the pitocin made me sick) and I even got to shower!

Jan. 8 - 5am

After getting a great night's sleep with no IV's or anything, the Doctor and my amazing nurse, Chloe, came in to wake us up and check me. They were happy that my body had naturally stayed at 4cm and seemed to be 70% effaced. After my shower they got me started on pitocin again and penicillin as well since I was GBS +. ( GBS is a bacteria that occurs in about 20% of pregnant women, Nothing dangerous for the woman but could be dangerous for the baby when they are being born) By afternoon I was as swollen as a hot air balloon! With all the different things I had flowing through my body it made my hands sand feet swell up like crazy! The Doctors kept talking to me about getting an epidural just so that my body would again relax and hopefully progress from there. I kept denying it until about 4pm, I decided to get it hoping it would get me somewhere other than 4cm... I wasn't in horrible pain, but when I did get the epidural, (Ladies it does not hurt, they numb you before putting the epidural ) it made me extremely nauseated and gave me the shakes pretty bad. At 4:30 pm the doctor came in and broke my water. They made fun of me because I HAD to do my makeup before they ruptured my water! Yes I totally pulled out the powder, mascara, blush... all of it.
My Dad thought it was hilarious that I was preparing to give birth! 

And the Doc kept coming in and laughing saying "now? you almost done?!" hahaha . The rupturing of the water was not at all what I thought it would feel like. It was not a gush, it was a trickle that came out and kept coming out. Since I had the epidural it felt like I just kept peeing myself. Turns out there was meconium in the water (baby poop) and that was kind of a worry.

Active Labor
Not pretty at all but so real. I love that David was being annoying and captured this! ;) 

It was not long AT ALL  after they had ruptured my water that everything came in a blink of an eye! The contractions grew stronger and stronger and I started to feel horrible. The baby's heart dropped a couple of times so they had an oxygen mask on me to make sure I was breathing okay through the contractions. At that point I didn't want anyone in the room but David and my mom. I was surprised I let my mom stay there through that and the delivery. I originally only wanted David there but when the time came, I needed my Momma! She was extremely comforting and kept praying over me and would put her iphone next to my ear so that I could listen to Kari Jobe on Pandora. It calmed me. I had tears running down my face from the pain but I kept my cool. David called my dad in to wish me luck (I hardly remember ) but I do remember seeing my dad's face and then just closing my eyes in pain. In no time I had gone from a 4 to a 6 and within another 15 min to a 7 and than an 8! They took me off the epidural so that I could feel the urge to push. Let me tell you, I felt absolutely EVERYTHING. By about 6 pm I reached a 9 and a half and they had me push myself into a 10! After that I got the urge to go to the bathroom. The Nurse ( a different nurse) kept telling me to push when I needed to. I begged and begged to let me to the bathroom and everyone kept saying no that's the baby! So I began to push.

Noah's Arrival! 

The Nurse I had that evening (NOT CHLOE) really got on my nerves. She kept telling me to push and that "this one's going to hurt real bad but just push!" ummmm duh lady I can't even open my eyes, you think I need you telling me it's going to hurt?! ugh!
That feeling of the strong contraction and the urge to poo (sorry TMI) was the worst pain I have ever felt in my entire life! I'm not tooting my own horn, but I'm pretty pain tolerate and with this, I literally thought I wasn't going to make it. I was shaking to the point where I couldn't breathe too well, and I was in so much pain that I couldn't see straight. I would grab at my face and cover my eyes and  push. I cried and cried and kept telling my mom "it hurts! It hurts!" David kept encouraging me and kissing my forehead and telling me how good I was doing. Finally at about 6:20 pm they wheeled me in my bed to the delivering room. I didn't open my eyes from that moment on... I remember hearing a ton of different people in the room, since there were many possibilities of complications with the GBS, Meconium, Heart rate dropping and I was hardly able to breathe, they had a group of about 10 attending with Noah's delivery. My Doctor is the sweetest doctor ever and I was so blessed to have him. He too encouraged me throughout the delivery. I kept pushing    and pushing and I remember this horrific burning pain followed by the most amazing words " I can see his head, Susie keep pushing! He's almost out! He has a lot of hair!" -my doc.  David kept directing me to breathe and push, catch my breath and breathe breathe breathe!  and than that dumb nurse said : "He's got a big head, this is the most painful! Push! " .... wow.....  I remember my doctor asking if I wanted to see, but I ignored him and just kept my hands over my eyes while I pushed.
Than my mom said "you're never going to believe who's here! Nurse Chloe! " when I heard that, I pushed real hard! and "PLOP!" his head was out! once that was out, I felt sooooo much better, right away I pushed about 2x and he came out with a gush! He literally sprayed everyone there and made a big mess! Hearing that nurse Chloe ran in the delivery room once she clocked in (15 min before her shift) she had heard that a girl was about to deliver, she knew it was me and wasn't going to miss it for anything, made me get Noah out. It was just what I needed to help me push him out.
I love this action shot, Love that it doesn't show too much but just enough!
Left: My doctor, Noah's foot on my doc's sleeve, The annoying nurse and David cutting the cord.

Right away, David cut the cord,  they took Noah to the table next to me, suctioned the meconium out of him, and checked him, weighed him and got him all settled and I got stitched up (1st degree tear at the top, only 3 stitches needed thank God!). I finally got him on my chest about 30 min after and got my bonding hour with him. I fell head over heels in Love with my sweet baby boy the moment I saw him. Words can hardly express the immense love I gained for him that second. My mom captured these amazing moments with my camera. Noah was born perfectly healthy and ready to be held by his mama at 6:47 pm.

Believe it or not, I took this while getting stitched up! 

You read it, 9 pounds 1 ounce!
His first tear! 

Nurse Chloe! 

Finally with mama! 

We Did It! 

We had done it, I delivered my big 9 pounder vaginally and he was completely healthy. My favorite moment was having Noah and David coming right to me to kiss me. It all felt like a nightmare turned into a beautiful mesmerizing dream! I wouldn't change it for the world. I felt every single pain, every part of my son coming out and looking back at it, it's something that I can say I went through to get him here and I'm so proud of it. A long labor but totally worth it.

After the bonding hour, David walked out to let our family know that Noah was here! The waiting room was full with our whole family, and when David was in the hall he ran into my best friend's boyfriend and turns out she was in labor too! My best friend's water broke on her due date (the 8th) and was in active labor by the time I delivered. So when I got wheeled out of the delivery room by nurse Chloe (who had heard about my best friend being there) she took me to her room and I got to see her right before she had her baby! It was the best. Her baby was born 6 hours after Noah on Jan.9th at 1:15 am! He was 6lbs 15oz! =)

My experience was one heck of an experience. I'm so thankful to my heavenly father who watched over me and kept me safe and healthy through out the whole thing. He kept Noah healthy and I couldn't be happier!
Our family visited and Nurse Chloe also came to see me on her day off to meet Noah and bring us her famous chocolate cake! My Dad got to stay the night with David and I. The following day my Best friend walked over to my room and met Noah and than I went to meet her baby and we shared our birth stories.

A week into it

Wow, it's been a week and a half since Noah was born and time is flying by! I love every single second of being with him, I love holding him, kissing him, talking to him and I even love when he just stares at me for minutes! I'm loving being his mommy! David is amazing! He's taken good care of us both while I recover, he watches over Noah, cooks, cleans and watches over Cosby as well!

We've been blessed every single day of the week by having family and friends come and meet Noah and they bring us food!
Today I'm finally feeling good enough to walk around with out saying OW, so we went for a walk to the park with baby and Cosby. It actually left me feeling very sore again so I'm taking it easy for now.

I love life, I feel so complete. I feel so loved and I'm so in love!

"And the child grew and became strong in spirit, filled with wisdom, and the  grace of God was upon him ."
Luke 2:40

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  1. I love it! I can't wait till Jessie and I have another one. Its just an amazing experience.



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