Monday, January 28, 2013

What does my baby want?!

 Tomorrow Noah will be 3 weeks old and I can still say we've been blessed to have a fairly easy baby! He does have his fussy moments here and there, for the most part he cries when he's hungry and when he needs to be changed. I've learned to distinguish his hungry cry from others, but what do the other cries mean?! Well , years ago (when I used to watch Oprah) I remember watching an episode where this lady was able to distinguish one cry from the other. She said that ALL babies have 5 words/ cries meaning one specific thing.

So I youtubed the video to refresh me on the different cries, and ever since, I can now see what Noah needs based on his cry and it seriously works! I can tell the difference from when he simply needs to burp to he's just sleepy! Check it out! It's a life saver!

Happy Baby

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