Saturday, January 26, 2013

Noah's 2 week appointment

On Thursday we took Noah to his 2 week check up. This big boy was a sport through out the appointment! He kept calm and let the nurse and doctor do their thing! He was the talk of the office with all the nurses! All they kept saying was "look at how cute he is and all that hair!!!" ;) I think we did good David! ha

Noah is totally fine and healthy and right where he needs to be!


9lbs 8 oz



Belly button

Finally fell off! yay! Bath times!

Meal time:
He eats every hour and a half to 2 hours during the day ( I'm breastfeeding and pumping) and at night he wakes up once sometimes twice to eat.

I'm pretty sure we got one of a kind! Noah is super mellow and easy going! He only cries when he's hungry or if his diaper is soaked. He loves to be held and falls fast asleep when on mama's chest.

He smiles a lot at nothing really! I don't think he knows what's funny or not yet but he does smile. He giggles in his sleep. He dreams, sometimes we think hes crying, we go to check on him and he's completely asleep. He makes a lot of grumpy faces. He stares right into our eyes. And when I take pictures he'll look directly at the camera!

He's very ticklish. He farts plenty and believe me, they are smelly. He loves Christian bands on Pandora. He has maybe a couple hours a day of staying wide awake and just laying flat on his back watching us or tv on the couch. =)

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