Thursday, February 21, 2013

Little Mr. and his love stares

It's hard to believe that this little man is 6 weeks old! He looks a lot older than that and tries to act like it too! He's very good at focusing and following us with his eyes and head! When he does tummy time he turns his head from side to side and he loves to stare right at the camera while I photograph him! He's very smart! As much as I'm happy to have such a happy healthy big baby, I can't help but wish he'd stop growing already! I love holding him and kissing him and how he stares at me. He's def a mama's boy!

I Love this face! "mama, daddy's snoring is scaring me! " ;)

My favorite moments with him is watching him sleep. He hums while he sleeps and closes his eyes in the sweetest manner. He sleeps like an angel.

One thing is for sure, No Matter how old he is, he'll ALWAYS  be my sweet baby boy. I love you Noah.

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