Wednesday, May 22, 2013

4 Months Old!!!

Mr. Noah is now 4 months old! My little man is doing so much more now! Look at him trying to sit on his own! Let's get started on his update!


  • Sitting up a bit more.
  • Standing while being held by arms and taking a couple steps. 
  • Grabbing and pulling EVERYTHING towards mouth.
  • Holding onto bottle a little better.
  • Plays on walker
  • While on his back, he scoots to the side.
  • Beginning to roll.
  • Watches TV
  • Tickles
  • He LOVES Cosby.
  • Loves to stare at Cosby eating, he thinks it's hilarious
  • Spongebob
  • Loves his toys
  • Loves mommy + daddy
  • Boob. Loves the boob. 
  • Diaper changing time.
  • Bath time.
  • Car rides.
  • Swimming in pool.
  • His sweet teddy bear.

  • Being around too many people. 
  • Being out for too long (out of the house.) homebody =/
  • Not being looked at. 
  • The vacuum.
  • Not being able to get up.
  • Laying down when he's not sleepy.
  • Having his mouth wiped. 
  • After bath, getting lotioned up.
  • Getting boogers out.
  • When mama attacks his cheeks with kisses. ;-) 

This little guy loves to talk A LOT! And we love it!!! Our apartment is noisy with little baby gibberish and it's the sweetest noise I've every heard. That and his cute little happy squeals! 

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  1. Happy four months to your little man! What a cutie!

    Belle la vie



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