Monday, May 20, 2013

The Joys of Motherhood

Today we took Noah out to a pool for the very first time. We had so much fun! It was David,Noah, my mom in law and sister in law. We had a blast!
Words cannot express the joy my heart felt to see my baby experiencing something new and fully enjoying it. It warmed my heart. That smile he has from ear to ear is just beyond the melting point, I just die!

These are the moments I just wish time would stop. Just pause. And freeze. And let me hold these moments for as long as I could. But reality is, our baby is growing, he is healthy and happy and so are we. I'm so in love. I cannot explain.

my buddy.
He was actually kicking (swimming) with his feet! So cute!
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He lasted maybe a good hour in there and then wanted out! =)
I love you Noah. You'll always be my baby. You'll always  have my heart. 

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