Saturday, July 20, 2013

Oh Hello!

Last week my brother flew in from NC (marine) for a visit so David and I went to pick him up at LAX. He hung out with us for a couple days, let them have their "guy time" and than on Sunday we drove to San Luis Obispo to take him to see our dad. David, Noah and I were on the road a lot! We drove back home on Monday since David had to work on Tuesday. Here are some picks from us hanging out in San Luis Obispo and than on the way back home we made a couple stops .
Bromance doesn't cut it for a definition between my husband and my brother..


                                                                      Our little family

                                                                     Me + Jamie 

                                                My dad said this tree looked like an Afro ha

On our way home, we stopped Santa Barbara to visit my grandma and we brought her an ice cream. Noah threw a fit because we didn't get him one but grandma sure spoiled him! 


From there we got on the road and hit traffic... It was gross so we took the nearest exit for a break and stopped at Summerland beach! It's so pretty there and there's a park at the hill! Noah loved it! 


                 Noah is the first baby I've met to like the feeling of sand! He tried to eat tho..:/

It was fun! As soon as we got home Noah got a bath and to bed it was! That drive was sure a long one! 

I'm excited for tomorrow. We are going to Santa Barbara for one of my good friends since elementary , her baby is turning one! Party time! It's hard to believe how just last year we were both pregnant and now her baby is one and mine is half a year! Oh time, why?! 

On Monday our family, my dad , his wife, Jamie and my brother are all going to Universal Studios! I can't wait! I haven't been there in so long! And I've never been there with David! It'll be our first theme park with a baby! I hope it goes well since I still breastfeed. It'll be interesting! 

Hahaha , if you've had a kid naturally, you get this.;) lol have a good rest of your weekend friends! 

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