Thursday, July 25, 2013

Weekend fun!

Whoo! This weekend was a blast! I'm excited to share all these pictures we took of our summer fun filled weekend ! On Sunday we headed north to Shoreline park in Santa Barbara for Maddie's first birthday party! Maddie is my longtime friends daughter. Last year we were bit pregnant for 4th of July and now she's got a one year old and I've got a 6 month old! Crazy! 
Now if you know me, you know I love anything and almost everything sweet! So yes, I use Noah as my excuse to hit the piƱata and get as much candy as possible! Haha sorry little kids, I'll take your candy :) 

                        This is my creepy super excited googley eyed face... Jealous?! Lol 

                 Maddie is walking! Lucky for my friend, she's got a lot on her hands now! 

Shoreline park is on a hill overlooking the ocean. I love going there, one of the prettiest places ever! Unfortunately it was a gloomy day but it was still pretty! 
                                                                  I LOVE US.
On Monday, we decided to meet up with my dad, brother, sister and stepmom and went to Universal Studios! We got our tickets from Costco for $75.00 and it gets you the rest of the year for free! Also, with that annual pass you get a discount on foods in the park and store purchases! Good deal if you ask me! 

Now this was a super fun trip but take into account that : 
1.) we have a 6 month old that needs a stroller and needs to be changed often. 
2.) I exclusively breastfeed wich means no formula, and he hardly takes bottle. 
3.) Noah is all about mommy wich means I have to carry him for the most part, and that's 21 pounds I gotta hold! 
4.) he's teething 

So although it was super fun, it was a ton of work with a baby in the picture. Waiting in 80+ minute lines to get on a tram or see a show wasn't ideal at all but we got through it. 
The first ride we went on was the studio tour tram, it was so much fun! It's an hour long ride on a train that takes you behind the scenes on how they film certain movies and shows. On top of that you get to experience their special effects when they take you through a dinosaur attack, an earthquake through a subway station, a plane crash and a flash flood! Oh! And jaws attacks our tram too! Hahaha ! I was shocked to see Noah loving it. He woke up when we were getting attacked by a dinosaur and he was so intrigued! Not scared at all! 

                        My dad and stepmom behind me! And Noah's hairy head! 
I got overly excited when they took us to wisteria lane!!! Um if you don't recognize that street, you're lame. Jk it's where the show desperate housewives was filmed!!!! 

                                               Susan's house!!!!

                       What's this you might ask??! Whoville!!!! The Grinch! 



               After that fun ride we went to City Walk to eat. We ate at Camachos mexi restaurant . Yum              fish beer battered tacos!!!

   Than back to lines it was! Shrek 3D was next! Someone wasn't too happy about being in line again!
That was such a fun ride! The seat moves to the video that's played and you even get sprayed with water as if you were in the movie! That was one of my favorite rides! 
After shrek, Noah and I got soaked in one of the parks water play area. That made him happy! We then went to the waterworld show and got even wetter! It was so fun! After waterworld we took a walk around the park and just enjoyed ourselves while the rest of our family went on transformers the ride. 

We stayed at the park pretty much until it closed, David had to wake up early for work so we headed home right away. 

                             First family trip to a theme park was a success! 

This weekend , I'm super excited to have the husband home starting today until Monday! It's been a long time since he had a weekend off! So tomorrow we're going over to his uncles house for a BBQ! I cannot wait! Margaritas + pool here I come! 

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