Friday, October 18, 2013


So I haven't photographed, professionally, since I was about 30 some weeks pregnant and I sure do miss it. But don't think I don't pick up my Nikon anymore, I drag it along now more than ever! My poor shoulders could use some rest with lugging around a big purse, diaper bag, 23 pound kid and my big DSLR, But it soooo comes to handy!
My main client at the moment is Mister Noah himself and I love it. He's my practice! Since having him, I've been reading up on using my camera right and different techniques different photographers use and I mush say, I've improved! I'm finding out how to adjust the settings to give that "dreamy" look that I usually rely on a filter to give me, but now that I can do it straight from my camera, the images are 100 % better! So here are a few shots I played with!

I'm so glad he enjoys being in front of the camera! Otherwise I'd still be using Cosby and I'm pretty sure he's worn out with that . ;)  If you haven't looked already, I do have a photography page up top^ or you can look on Here: I still have plenty new photos to upload to both those pages but that's some of the work I've done.

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