Thursday, October 24, 2013

This Past Weekend


was a lot of fun! I don't have a bunch of pics of what we did but I'll share the ones I've got. On Saturday we woke up early, I fetched us some Starbucks and David made us some whole wheat pancakes! He's really good at making the perfect pancake. 

For lunch, we went Red Robins with his step mom and than walked the mall for a bit. I got a couple things for me and Noah, it was a real good time!

My Lunch!

Noah Loves eating whatever we eat now but we always take his puffs with us. They're like cherrios but dissolve quickly so he wont choke on them and it helps with practicing chewing. It's really cute seeing him chew. He looks like an old man. 

Random cute nursing picture. I love how he grabs and plays while nursing. Sometimes just me staring at him gives him the giggles. 

On Sunday, We got dolled up and ready to meet up with our apartment neighbors, Suzie and Jessie and their baby  girl and we met up at the mall. David and I got BJ's for lunch and than we all walked the mall together. 
Love this flowy tee, with the low neckline from the back! TJ MAXX

We all went to Lush, of course we had to stop, I actually didn't know the Valencia mall had one so I'm pretty stoked knowing I have one that's a bit closer! 

I got Noah the robot bath fizz, and I got 2 bath bombs and a hand cream sample. Can't wait to use them! I'm saving them for a perfect pampering day. ;) 

striking a pose at Abercrombie

The Susie's and our babies. =) 

We had fun! We need to hang out again soon tho because we got to the mall at 4pm and being that it was a sunday, everything closed at 6. So we need to plan a better day for our families. Maybe a picnic...hmmm

My Boys.
Sunday Funday!

I'm kinda bummed that we actually haven't gone to church in a long time. We did find a church we like since moving in with our parents, and we were going on a regular basis but it got difficult staying in service with Noah being as fussy as he had been and now, he's at the point where he won't sit still for 2 minutes... I know I might sound like I'm just making excuses but I feel like going to church for the whole service isn't an option at the moment. What we should be doing since we haven't gone to church, is watch the podcasts or do a daily devotional. Yep! That's what we'll do for the time being! And I'm still nursing, so Noah is attached to his mama! 

PDA pic from Sunday night.
Monday, brain fart, I honestly cannot remember what we did on Monday! 

Tuesday, I captured these sweet moments:

"mom, that's enough!"


after math of too much tickling... Sleep!
Out like a lamp

And when he awoke:

Hello Sunshine!
Wednesday, Holly and I went to Toy's r Us to put some toys on lay away for the grandbabies! It's never too early to get ready for Christmas! ;) 
Noah loves seeing all those toys! He'd get so excited looking at all of them! I can't wait to see him opening his gifts on Christmas day! 

We got him a toy we'd been eyeballing for him to use now, the puppy play somethin.... it helps him with walking and it sings songs and you can sit him in it too! He Loves that thing!

And when we got home, I had a huge package waiting for me! (Noah) My dad got Noah his big boy Car Seat! Just in time! He barely fits in the other one! And guess what? He loves being in the forward facing car seat! 

old carseat

beautiful New luxurious carseat! EvenFlo
It even came with a cup holder! Balla'

That evening we rented a movie and watched The Conjuring. Let me tell you, that movie is horrifying! AHH!!! That scared me so bad! It was totally my idea too! I regret it ha. 

Holly and I were out and about getting ready for David's dad's birthday on Saturday! We loaded the baby up in his new carseat and he was so content in there!

Big boy

ew pimples. I broke out but it's finally starting to go away!

I'm excited for Saturday's plans! It should be a fun day! Full of yummy foods! 
This evening we didn't do much but make a Target run. I've decided to start taking protein and I'm going to start working out again. I've got a few quick workouts lined up for everyday of the week thanks to pinterest and a healthy eating shopping list to go by. I've lost a lot of weight but I'm not where I'd like to be and I need to def tone it up and lift up ;) ha. I'm excited to take this seriously again. 

Sorry if my life is pretty dull, I agree it can be at times (hubby is snoring as I type this) but I'm happy that my family is together every evening, we are all healthy, and even though we are going through hard times, we are surrounded by his and my family that have blessed us in many ways. Thanks for catching up with me and reading! 

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