Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Universal, Fire Station and Fun!

This weekend (two weekends ago) started out with a BANG! It was so much fun! I feel like we've been busy every weekend since we moved back to Ventura County and I love it! There's so much to do here and all our friends and family are here or closer to us now. On Friday, Noah and I had an outdoorsy day and went for a walk. David and I used to go here as teenagers, just walk and maybe kiss a little... heehee. Noah loved it! He was a big boy and walked most of it and than threw rocks into the water.

It was "FRYDAY"! said David. Ha! Love that he makes me laugh!
Saturday Breakfast with my cousin Linda. The best cousin a girl could ask for!

At about eleven am, my dad and his wife arrived at our place and we took off to Universal from there. Fun fun fun!
We took Noah on the little minion ride, not  the big kid one, the kiddie one. He Loved it!


We ate at our fave restaurant there, Camachos, and Noah was eating a tortilla, we did this. 

My dad watched Noah while me and David got to enjoy a Haunted house (terrifying) I cried. We also went on transformers and the Mummy!

My dad took Noah on that ride again!

Sunday morning before church, I wanted to try a pinterest breakfast... Obvi I failed. ha!

Ready for Church!

After church, we came back home, I changed and we went to visit David's dad at the fire station! It was fun! We got to meet the crew, and hang out at the lake. The station is in a very ritzy area, Lake Sherwood, its where a lot of hollywood celebs live, very pretty. His dad actually fishes there when they are not busy on a call and he let us go fishing too!

It was a nice weekend. The week after just kind of sucked. It seemed like nothing went according to plan and I just kept running into sucky people. You know, people that just seemed grouchy or like they were too good for the world, yea those people. I kept dealing with people like that and I finally cracked. Well, cried I should say. I used to work dealing with customers on a daily basis and I used to get so angry with the rude people I'd come across but now, my heart just hurts when I deal with people like that. And It does affect me even tho I come off as more patient. Well, one night, while I was waiting at the Wendy's drive thru, the lady in the car before me, got out of her car and went to the drive thru window. I'm not going to lie, I was a little scared of what she was going to do. She than waved her hands and asked for a paper and pen motioning with her hands. She was deaf. Right than and there I began to think, how has she done this for this long? Does she always have to put up with peoples attitudes because she has to take more time by writing everything down for others that don't sign? It really put things into perspective for me. And right than and there I realized, I need to change my way of thinking. If she can do it and  have a good attitude than I certainly can. I have it pretty good and need to not worry so much about others that don't even care. Just shrug it off and move on. But at the same time be nice about it. So lady at the Wendy's drive thru, Thank you. Thank you for being a good example of what I need to be like. Patient and kind. 

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