Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day Weekend 2014

What a relaxing weekend it has been! Labor day weekend was not bad at all this year. Again, nothing planned but spontaneous outings made it fun! This past week we pet sat for David's mom's animals ( 2 cats and a tortoise,) which really meant = Make sure they're alive and eating but also make sure you enjoy our cable big screen tv! hahaha. I really did enjoy being there besides watching a little bit of reality TV, I watered the flowers and trees in the back yard daily and it was really therapeutic being outside daily and caring for flowers while Noah ran around the spacious backyard and played in his cute little crab pool. =) It was a good week!

Saturday, we went over to my friend's to check out her new apartment. It was a good catch up and fun playdate! We took the littles to the park and let them run around until they were done and ready for a nap. Too bad I didn't pull my phone out for pictures! Both boys play cute together!

On Sunday, we skipped church ( oooooOOoooo!) and just enjoyed being together. David works so much, that most times he's home, he's tying to catch up on rest so it's literally just me and Noah 5 or 6 days out of the week. It's good to just have a "family" day so that's what we did Sunday. We drove around, found a few neat free craigslist things (DIY Projects!) and drove to Ojai and just enjoyed the ride and long talks.

My sweet loves

Today, we woke up, got ready and went for a good long walk on a trail here in town. Followed that with a starbuck's drink (Thank God David was given a gift card from work, I needed that coffee!) and than went to his mom's for the last day of pet sitting and watering. We than went home, got ready and went to my mom's for a what was supposed to be fun time out on the boat. Unfortunately the boat wasn't staying on once we had gotten it in the water and on deck, we were all ready to go but it didn't seem to want to. 

wah! Oh well, we enjoyed seeing the other boats and our seal friend that was swimming near by!
We actually had lunch packed, so we got the boat back hitched to the car and headed to a park to enjoy my mom's sandwiches! Yum! Noah enjoyed the park a whole lot!

Overall a good day and great weekend! Happy Labor Day friends!

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