Friday, December 5, 2014

This Baby is Crazy!

You guys! I'm so sorry I'm not blogging on a regular basis! This baby is making me so sick! Remember I told you I have had crazy morning sickness with Baby McD#2 (technically #4), well I was so happy to finally be feeling better after week 13 came.... and than Boom! Noah got the stomach flu and of course I got it since I'm always with him. Let me tell you, this is the worst case of the stomach flu I have ever had in my life! We've been sick since Monday, Noah's been to the hospital twice and the second time I went to get checked out with him too. Turns out we were doing everything right to help him get better, but for me, I was already very dehydrated and had to be hooked up to an IV, given medication and they did an ultrasound because the Doctor was worried I haven't gained any weight at all this pregnancy, I've lost 13 pounds.

Honestly, I was beginning to doubt the baby would be okay. I was nervous about the ultrasound but as soon as they gooped me up with that gel and put the wand on my belly, Baby was moving and the heart beating was very clear. =) As a matter of fact, we know the  gender! But we want to wait to announce it until our OB apt on the 19th just to make sure.

Thank you to everyone for the get well wishes on Instagram and Text, it means a lot! Glad I'm feeling a little better today and Noah is all better and back to being our wild child! =)

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