Friday, December 5, 2014

Hosting Thanksgiving 2014 (Part One)

This year, David and I were happy to host Thanksgiving in our home! We invited my brother, sister, my mom, stepdad and my Grandma! David and I did all the cooking, beginning at 6am and it was all done and ready by 11!
My brother and sister drove up Wednesday to stay the night with us and than enjoy being together with the family.

The Night Before:

Presents for Noah! Yay! 

We went for a walk to the outlets.

This is my stepsister Jamie, but I shes my sister to me. ;)

That night we grubbed on In n Out burgers and watched the movie Neighbors! It's pretty out there but funny.

The following morning, David and I woke early and began to clean out the turkey, rubbed it down with sage, rosemary and thyme. Put lemon slices in it and poured apple cider at the bottom of the pan, and in the oven it went!

This is the third year we use the same recipe for the turkey and I'm pretty sure we're never going to change it. We love how juicy and delicious it is!  Find the recipe HERE

While we cooked, my brother kept Noah busy by having him watch Happy Feet on his laptop. My brother calls Noah Happy Feet all the time because Noah does this scurring thing with his feet and it looks like he's tapping! It's the cutest thing!

Once my mom showed up, we were just about done cooking, so we set up the table to have everyone serve themselves. Here's what all the food looked like:

Stuffing, Deviled eggs, Green bean casserole, cornbread, mashed baked potatoes, canned cranberry and homeade cranberry sauce!

David cutting into the turkey!

3 Generations, what?! Ha 

Mr. Noah loved the food!

Thanksgiving selfie!

the beginning of a food coma lol
After we ate, we were all pretty exhausted! a couple of us fell asleep , my mom and stepdad went home and when I woke up my brother and sister were already on their way to Santa Barbara for round #2 with my Dad and his family! So we got up, ready and off we went for more!

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